Comptel Corporation: Extracting Intelligence from Data

Mikko Jarva, CTO
Data scientists typically have to spend most of their time on data wrangling and janitorial data work before they can get into actual analytics and intelligence extraction. These challenges are ripe in M2M environments. Managing the sheer volume of connected devices and sensors, and refining and monetizing the huge variety of data produced by the IoT aggravates the aforementioned scenario.

But a firm that has been handling business-critical data since 1986 and currently processes 20 percent of the world’s mobile usage data—which can reach 500 TB a day per telco operator customer—can alleviate these impediments.

“Comptel’s performance and scalability makes us a significant player in the marketplace,” says Mikko Jarva, CTO, Intelligent Data, Comptel, who helps digital and communications service providers manage surging data volumes through its unique DATA REFINERY solution.

“The DATA REFINERY analyzes in-stream data and drives better business decisions and automated actions from M2M data sets,” informs Jarva. The solution integrates with any technology or third-party solution, hence fusing well with M2M providers’ existing environments and adapting to any upgraded ecosystems.

“Once DATA REFINERY is deployed, we can easily introduce “plug-and-play” SOFTBLADES, for example,for Operational Intelligence, to help customers quickly adapt to changing business needs,” says Jarva.

Comptel beefs up its arsenal with DATA FASTERMIND analytics, which embeds seamlessly into DATA REFINERY, injecting intelligence and enriching decision-making capabilities in data streams. DATA FASTERMIND is supported by automated, machine-learning procedures, and includes pattern matching, anomaly detection and various predictions performed in real time.

Jarva notes, “Typically, only 20 percent of telco operators can consistently turn data insights into actions due to disconnected offline processes involving data integration, storage, analytics and actions.”

Comptel battles this hindrance with its INTELLIGENT FAST DATA principle through which integrated data is analyzed and refined into actions immediately.

"We know how to do massive data integration in an effective, efficient way, scaling up to high data volumes and designing solutions that manage hundreds of complex data streams easily," continues Jarva.
With boots on the ground for 30 years, Comptel has bagged many customer stories that are testament to its success. Comptel was instrumental in helping global telecommunications operator Telefónica successfully execute several M2M projects including the deployment of 53 million smart meters to manage residential utilities. Comptel supported Telefónica with a data refinery layer, which led to considerable savings on infrastructure and operational costs and allowed the operator to act on new monetization opportunities.

Comptel also collaborates with Asia’s first M2M service provider, MY Evolution, which relies on the company’s technology to offer better M2M connectivity services for its business customers. Furthermore, Comptel has several customers using its solutions to predict the maintenance of various network devices and to recommend proactive remedial actions. This brings significant OPEX savings and customer experience improvements.

The DATA REFINERY solution analyzes in-stream data and comes to an intelligent conclusion and recommendations from M2M data sets for better business decisions and automated actions

Thriving for a paradigm shift in the M2M space, Comptel has established a “startup” inside the company called Comptel NXT.

“One of the main NXT initiatives is to develop cloud-based services to help manage and monetize the IoT,” explains Jarva.

Recently, Comptel has been building, testing and piloting M2M and IoT blueprints with an ecosystem of partners.

“We envision the M2M and IoT markets as a matter of developing ecosystems, not simply technologies. As the opportunities are immense, our future-ready blueprints will take M2M to a new level,” envisages Jarva.

Comptel Corporation

Helsinki, Finland

Mikko Jarva, CTO and Juhani Hintikka, CEO, Kari Onniselkä, EVP, Intelligent Data

Helps digital and communications service providers take advantage of Intelligent Fast Data, managing surging data volumes through its unique DATA REFINERY solution and turning information into instant action with its DATA FASTERMIND analytics.