Compute Software: Revolutionizing Cloud Resource Optimization

Mark Erickson, CTO, Co-Founder & President
Companies are flocking to the cloud, drawn by the allure of flexible and inexpensive computing. Despite the promises, cloud users are facing an unforeseen set of challenges. Computing demand is growing exponentially, requiring the justification of increasingly high cloud costs and overwhelming IT staff. Cloud providers are frequently changing their services and prices in response to fierce competition. And, businesses now have ever-changing computing requirements and priorities. All of this has resulted in increased costs and downtime risk for cloud users.

Compute Software brings simplicity to infrastructure choices and maximizes business value from cloud usage. Customers using the Compute solution are able to optimize and automate cloud resource decisions, dramatically lowering costs and risks, all without the need for additional staff. In addition, management has transparency into how their cloud computing translates into business value through whichever factors are important to their specific business like instance costs, SLA penalties, and benefits like customer or developer satisfaction.

Compute Software’s solution is based on financial engineering, options theory, and decision science techniques, applied to maximize the business value of cloud infrastructure scaling, pricing, instance, and location decisions. “This allows IT organizations to act on optimal moment-to-moment cloud choices that are directly based on business value instead of just technical requirements,” says Caroline Tsay, co-founder and CEO, Compute Software. The dynamic software platform applies Wall Street-like valuation rigor and predictive analytics to deliver cloud resource decisions that maximize business value for companies of any industry and any size. Customers provide inputs around their business objectives, computing workloads, and cloud architecture. The software determines the optimal cloud resource choices on a second by second, minute by minute, or hour by hour basis depending on the business’ predicted computing demand.

Compute Software’s customers face four major kinds of challenges: workload scaling; cloud cost management; cloud optimization; and cloud resource and cluster management.

Our software maximizes the business value of cloud resource decisions by applying methods used on Wall Street for valuation and predictive analytics

Caroline Tsay, Co-Founder & CEO
“There is a ton of complexity when it comes to dealing with cloud optimization, and our platform is essentially like an automated team of Wall Street analysts that solves these real-time cloud resource problems,” adds Mark Erickson, co-founder, CTO, and President.

In the case of an enterprise file sharing company, Caroline describes how Compute Software is able to optimize the company’s cloud infrastructure resources and align them with their business priorities. The company receives bursts of content uploaded by its customers. Some tasks have higher values than others, and some tasks take longer than others. Compute Software’s solution allows the company to make optimal tradeoffs across customer SLAs, expected processing time, capacity, and instance pricing methods. In the case of an ad tech company that serves ad impressions, Compute Software helps to make real-time decisions to dynamically adjust computing capacity to match the changing revenue opportunity from advertising impressions.

Compute’s solution will optimize across different cloud providers. “I get excited watching the software make recommendations. With Compute’s solution, managing cloud resources is much easier now,” concludes Caroline.

Compute Software

Mountain View, CA

Mark Erickson, CTO, Co-Founder & President and Caroline Tsay, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides a SaaS platform that maximizes business value from cloud usage, brings ultimate simplicity to infrastructure choices, and works instantly

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