Computer Guidance Corporation: Offering Technology To Revolutionize Construction Industry

Roger D. Kirk, Founder & CEO
The value and benefit of technology is catching up in the construction industry. Though there was tremendous lag in the technology adoption a couple of years go, the construction market has made a quantum leap and is now demanding technology, according to Roger D. Kirk, Founder and CEO Computer Guidance Corporation.

The trend has placed the solution providers on their toes to be a step ahead of the demand in providing the effective tools. The biggest challenge lies in offering the efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool that enhances organization’s ability to access information on demand and the ability to review information in a meaningful way. ERP solutions house a tremendous amount of valuable data and the strength of the ERP depends on its ability to make this business-critical available to those, when, where and how they need it. The trend has also given birth to multiple competitive products available in the construction market today. Some of these do not specialize in the construction industry and are missing basic features that are critical for organization to run smoothly.

Driven by a need to create solutions with superior innovation and value, Computer Guidance Corporation is offering eCMS Construction ERP solutions, specialized for construction industry. It is a fully integrated solution that starts with job cost projection and ends at project completion, managing all areas of the construction business (financial, human resources, payroll, operations, project and job cost, equipment, and more). With eCMS, the ability to effectively manage subcontracts and the scope of the entire project gets integrated into one powerful construction software solution.

In addition to the innovative tools and utilities, such as Business Intelligence & Analytics, Mobile eCMS and Human Resources offerings, Computer Guidance Corporation helps its clients by fixing ERP problems that they may not have even fully realized. “While there are competitive players who do specialize in the construction industry; our solutions have been proven to be more flexible, scalable and feature-rich than the competitive products,” says Kirk.

These competitive solutions from Computer Guidance Corporation have earned the company many customers. It has collaborated with clients to deliver the best possible construction management solutions available on the market today. The company has more than 400 customers from various construction disciplines.

The adoption of technology has given birth to multiple competitive products available in the construction market today

One of the company’s clients, WIMCO Corporation, a general contractor based in Washington, North Carolina, faced challenges with traditional ERP solutions which had multi-step process that was required to navigate through the text-based screens. Users have found the text-based system outdated and less attractive over a browser-based solution. The company then opted for Computer Guidance Corporation’s ERP solutions. “After experiencing more than 35 percent growth in the last 3 years, by having Project Collaborator, eForms, and Enterprise Content Management applications, WIMCO saves over $5,000/week in labor cost alone. This figure does not include numerous indirect costs that are associated with human resources and standard overhead. We could never have done it without eCMS,” says Darlene Moore, VP of Finance, WIMCO Corporation.

Mike Lindsay, Controller, Goodfellow Bros, a Livermore, CA based general contractor says, “We leverage business intelligence solutions offered by Computer Guidance Corporation for the evaluation of our financial performance on each project prior to, during and after completion. Our ability to perform comparative analysis on projects has tremendously improved our annual forecasting and budget planning processes. Our overall cash flow and job profitability have been greatly enhanced as we can better anticipate and respond quicker to changing project variables.”

Computer Guidance customers are among the Top 600, Top 400 Contractors and Top 50 Contractors by Engineering News-Record (ENR). With all the satisfied customers it has added to its clientele, Computer Guidance Corporation is looking forward to offer more innovative tools to keep the revolution at construction industry ticking.

Computer Guidance Corporation

Scottsdale, AZ

Roger D. Kirk, Founder & CEO

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