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Steven A. Powless, CEO
Today’s banks are facing a myriad of challenges that stand to transform the financial services industry at its very core. At the forefront of this transformation is leading technology provider Computer Services, Inc. (CSI), which delivers core processing, managed services, mobile and Internet solutions, payments processing, electronic and print distribution and regulatory compliance solutions for financial institutions and corporate customers across the nation.

CSI asserts that mobile technology, for starters, is rapidly altering the financial industry’s approach to delivering banking services. “Mobile technology is changing how, when and where people interact with both their bank and their finances,” says Steve Powless, chief executive officer of CSI. Today, mo-bile banking apps can turn any smartphone into a fully operational personal bank, and financial institutions choose mobile platforms for such innovative payment models and commerce capabilities as P2P payments and remote deposit capture.

Additionally, CSI’s suite of business intelligence solutions, CSI IQ, gives customers access to robust data analytics that can influence and improve decision making.“The platform helps banks make informed decisions by offering greater customer search capabilities and information views. It also fosters employee mobility by enabling core integration on tablets,” Powless says.

On the regulatory compliance front, the company provides automated compliance solutions that help both financial institutions and other organizations adhere to requirements set forth by various regulatory agencies. Also, CSI recently launched Smart-Risk IQ, an Enterprise Risk Management platform that facilitates the new, holistic risk management approach that examiners encourage. SmartRisk IQ helps institutions manage risk by securely collecting, storing, analyzing, scoring and reporting on risk data—leading to highly informed strategic decisions.

The company differentiates itself by striving, above all else, to do what’s right for its customers. “We maintain a clear, tight focus on the needs of our customers so that we can deliver the technology solutions they need to remain competitive, compliant and profitable,” Powless says.
CSI’s customer base runs the gamut from small, community-based financial institutions to large, global brands. For example, TexasBank partnered with CSI in order to offer its customers a mobile banking app that features innovative yet customer-friendly features, giving them one-stop account access. After implementing CSI’s solution, the bank’s mobile banking usage skyrocketed, with transactions increasing more than 200 percent in one year. CSI’s solution—combined with the bank’s own successful promotional campaign in which it gained more than 3,000 new accounts and $30 million in new deposits-has taken TexasBank to new levels in customer satisfaction.

Additional financial institutions CSI serves through a full suite of banking technologies include Busey Bank (Champaign, Illinois), Centier Bank (Merrillville, Indiana) and The Eastern Colorado Bank (Cheyenne Wells, Colorado). The company also provides compliance solutions for such organizations as Trek, Aflac and Expedia.

Busey Bank, an institution that engages social media audiences for promotions and community outreach, also utilizes CSI’s WatchDOG® Social Compliance management solution. WatchDOG Social Compliance archives social media posts for required timeframes and conducts feedback, complaint, and reputational monitoring, all while helping the bank exceed its 24-hour customer response goal. The solution also has helped Busey Bank manage costs, reduce man hours dedicated to social media, and continually meet the regulatory requirements.

Moving forward, CSI plans to continue providing service excellence and product innovation while expanding its service offerings. “With more than 5,000 customers nationwide, we will remain dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service, technology innovation and expert guidance in order to support each of their unique business goals,” Powless says.

Computer Services, Inc - CSI

Paducah, KY

Steven A. Powless, CEO

Delivers core processing, managed services, mobile and Internet solutions, payments processing, electronic and print distribution, and regulatory compliance solutions