ComputerEase: Inventive Software for Construction Accounting and Project Management Challenges

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Cincinnati, OH ComputerEase provides construction management software solution that improves the way contractors run their businesses to meet the unique construction accounting challenges.

Construction firms and contractors need software solution that takes on challenges specific to their industry. ComputerEase’s software for contractors recognizes the uniqueness and has incorporated tools that can be used throughout the construction industry based on the demands of each project or company.

ComputerEase provides construction accounting software to contractors for every size and trade, including general, electrical, mechanical, plumbing etc. More than 6,000 contractors worldwide are using Construction Accounting Software and Project Management Software of the firms. Construction accounting issues like job schedule document tracking, and work in progress reporting, and more are puzzled out by the firm without much delay.
The firm helps its customers estimate workload to ensure that their resources fit with work schedule. More effective control begins with scheduling the job and all its required tasks.

ComputerEase determines the clients’ job schedule's critical path based on the dependencies set up in the activity list. The company adds pop-up notes to the project schedule and ties the notes to a particular day or task.

The inventive, intelligible product development sets ComputerEase apart from the competition, but taking the trained employees and proven implementation process into account crystallizes the fact that ComputerEase is second to none.


Cincinnati, OH

Bob Mattlin, Founder

Offering competent technology to meet construction Industry’s challenges day-in and day-out—improving productivity, operational efficiency and overall profitability.