Computex Technology Solutions: An All-Round Citrix Experience

Worth Davis, CTO
“Amidst the market hype surrounding the deluge of buzzwords like cloud computing, we often come across a similarity: when it comes to the things that matter to them the most, business almost always prefer Citrix to be a part of it,” begins Worth Davis, CTO at Computex Technology Solutions. “Ultimately, when we are proving or controlling aspects of the technical things that run a business, Citrix will be the center of that transformation.” Customers who adopt Citrix witness significant IT improvements, in performance, availability, security, and cost-savings. With more than 30 years of industry expertise, Computex is a gold standard Citrix solutions advisor for its clients. From sales cycle to customer education, and all the way to implementing virtualization, orchestration, and networking solutions from the Citrix portfolio of products, Computex delivers an all-round Citrix experience.

“How do I integrate multiple clouds and use Citrix in the middle? How do we deliver our core business globally, securely?” These are some of the common pain points faced by several businesses. The Computex team leverages Citrix’s solutions to deliver VDI integration, which is used extensively by clients of all sizes. The value proposition of Computex approach to delivering VDIs is specifically crucial especially at a time when today’s enterprises face more of mergers and acquisitions. It is always good to run a VDI for a new acquisition than fix 10,000 PCs that needed to be added to the domain. Utilizing other technology partner offerings, Computex’ solutions include the planning and design of virtual infrastructure, on-site server utilization assessment, physical-to-virtual migration planning and implementation, and server consolidation, to name a few. “We’ve seen VDIs go from an IT pilot or a helpdesk project to becoming a central tool for accessing applications. We use a lot of technologies like flash storage and big data servers along with the right configuration to make that transition from pilot or early stage to the production stage. We will soon see all of the global users embracing the VDI approach. It is about upgrading IT from initial concepts to true technology grade,” adds Davis.

We’ve seen VDIs go from an IT pilot or a helpdesk project to becoming a central tool for accessing applications

Furthermore, the network acceleration pieces of Citrix are also widely sought after by Computex’ clients. After all, it is the delivery of applications, which makes users love or hate IT. As ‘location’ gets farther from the data centers and clouds, efficient delivery of applications becomes a pain point. This becomes more emphasized for companies with offices in various countries and IT infrastructure spread across the globe. Computex strives to hit at the CIO’s application vision using the Citrix acceleration hardware and software. Additionally, having partnered with a number of technology providers, and backed by expertise forged by a vast level of experience, the company can provide strategic advice on what ideal combination of solutions will align best to the needs of their clients. Computex offers video-based support such that globally distributed teams can communicate through video chatting in live environments to aid faster troubleshooting and smooth operations.

To identify their client’s requirements precisely and deliver solutions accordingly, Computex does a thorough assessment specific to Citrix environments as well as the underlying network. The company looks at all of the facets and takes a holistic approach to the ‘table of options’ in addition to Citrix. In a nutshell, Computex takes an IT optimization path to enable business transformation for its clients and given its continuous investments made in building its core Citrix expertise to deliver superior customer experience; there is no doubt that the company will keep pushing the envelope.

Computex Technology Solutions

Houston, TX

Worth Davis, CTO

As a gold standard Citrix advisor, the company takes IT optimization path to enable business transformation for its clients

Computex Technology Solutions