Computron: A Global Reach for Financial Management

David Breier, CEO
Financial management can be too complex many a times for companies as it can go beyond the basics of accounting, adding prominence on speed, agility, cost and insights to deliver value for business. However with the onset of enterprise financial and accounting solutions , the management of finance and accounting capabilities, deriving real-time business insights, and fully auditable process management has become easier.“To compete in today’s marketplace, you need flawless financial data; data that is readily accessible, adheres to strict internal controls, complies with local and international regulations and reporting requirements,” says Robert E. Rutkowski, Business Development Manager, Computron. The Lyndhurst, New Jersey-based firm, Computron is a developer of accounting software application and business management solutions that caters to the accounting and financial needs of companies.

Established in the late 1970’s , Computron today has a global reach and serves customers by managing their highly complex and regulated accounting functions and security controls. The firm offers services such as managing customers’ unlimited number of fiscal entities, currencies, and calendars process of producing standard periodic operational analysis. Enterprise Financials, one of Computron’s first accounting software application platforms has been successfully deployed by many renowned customers like Pfizer, AIG, ADP and Raymond James.

“The financial management portion of our Enterprise Financials suite helps address organizations’ most pressing business needs while streamlining outmoded business practices, using an intuitive and user-friendly interface,” adds Rutkowski.

Computron’s Financial Management solutions, enable companies to effortlessly manage buying and payment activities, implement efficient invoicing, receipt control, and debtor management, track capital assets, and control and report financial transactions. Chameleon, one of the company’s flagship products is a reporting, budgeting and analysis solution tool that specially created to empower cities and clients across the public sector. The solution gives instant, real-time financial and other relevant information to managers and staff at various levels of the organization.
“In a nutshell, our solution stack ensures our customers to accomplish their strategic business initiatives and receive timely and appropriate guidance at every step,” beams Rutkowski.

Additionally, Computron also offers innovative products such as the Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP). The AR allows efficient invoicing, receipt control, and debtor management and a customizable interface, while AP manages organizations’ buying and payment activities.

The Chameleon promotes transparency, accountability and control across organizations’ financial system

A multitude of companies have benefited immensely using Computron’s Chameleon in their financial systems. In one instance the Council for Kingston upon Hull, a historic city in the North- East of England a approached Computron to replace their existing budgeting and reporting tools with Chameleon to cost-effectively execute city management and receive forecast related to finance. As a result the customer was able to generate financial reports and collate budget commentary across the organization on real time basis. “We were particularly impressed with the speed of delivery and how Chameleon adapted to our requirements. Things which previously took a week are now ready in hours,” says Gary Ventress, City Manager, Hull City Council.

The functionality of Computron’s software solutions in eliminating discrepancies across the financial structure of the company to enhance productivity and profitability is one the firm’s differentiating factors. The company stands out for financial management and plans to leverage on opportunities that unfold in the global platform. “We are hopeful for the future and plan to invest more attention on our growth strategies to gather more names in our customer base,” concludes Rutkowski.


Lyndhurst, New Jersey

David Breier, CEO

Computron's Enterprise Financial Management software is used by companies to manage core accounting systems.