ComTech Network Solutions: Microsoft Business Perspectives

Mike Farlow, Co-founder
In the early 90’s when Microsoft started rolling out Windows for Workgroups and Windows NT, Mike Farlow and David Rominger, founders of ComTech Network Solutions saw an opportunity to provide service to systems for businesses in their neighborhood. “Our core focus at that time was offering custom built computers and repairs for home use. With the advent of Microsoft’s new operating systems, we knew change was coming,” begins Farlow, Co-founder of ComTech. “In a short time, we had replaced quite a number of LANtastic and Novell networks for the small businesses in our area. Business networking immediately became our focus.” With the growing acceptance and popularity of Office 365 along with other cloud services, the tech savvy duo see similar great opportunities ahead as well.

ComTech has partnered with Microsoft to offer a variety of services that meet small business needs. According to Rominger, today the challenge for most businesses is not price but choosing the right product/service to accomplish the task. “There are a great many solutions available today that tend to confuse the customer. Deployment and end-user training culminates into a full grown challenge,” he adds. “Microsoft tools can do just about anything anyone needs but they must be chosen and integrated properly.” The customers reap benefits of full support and extra care while working with a Microsoft partner like ComTech.

The company has been working with Office 365 since the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) days before it was called 365 and has brought over 3,500 clients to the cloud so far. “We have developed strategies and tools that make the process as seamless and simple as possible for the client. Our specialty is with the fundamentals of replacing Exchange Servers with the cloud equivalent,” explains Farlow. “We haven’t installed a new Exchange Server in more than five years, all because 365 offers a fully redundant solution with next to zero maintenance.”

Microsoft tools can do just about anything anyone needs but they must be chosen and integrated properly

The co-founders understand that email, calendar and contacts are the core necessities among most small/medium businesses. “If these services are offline, then the world stops for them,” says Farlow. They advocate how 365 offers an extremely reliable solution that is easy to manage and has numerous features not available with traditional email. “When you integrate Skype for Business into the mix you also get an innovative way to communicate and stay connected. That’s what this is all about–integration,” asserts Rominger.

ComTech constantly strives to stay ahead of the technology curve by keeping their clients educated through videos, blogs, emails, and live seminars on various technologies. The co-founders who have been going strong for the past 26 years, seldom worry about competition and have a loyal client base. “We hardly see any attrition because our technology experts take personal care while assisting clients,” adds Farlow. “Instead we get referrals on a regular basis allowing us steady and consistent growth.”

Forging ahead, ComTech sees Microsoft making great advances in online storage via SharePoint and other services. The company continues training and expanding their team as needed to follow the trends and client needs respectively. “The new advances in technology can be both exciting and overwhelming all at the same time–especially for the clients. Having a technology partner like us at their side makes the journey much easier,” concludes Rominger.

ComTech Network Solutions

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Mike Farlow, Co-founder and David Rominger, Co-founder

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