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Don DaRe, Co-founder, President & CEO
“We Know Our Stuff. And We Know Yours.”

The tagline is a perfect reflection of what the folks at Concensus Technologies manifest. As a leading provider of professional IT solutions, Concensus Technologies is a powerhouse of highly experienced engineers and architects who have been equipping for- and non-profit organizations with best-in-class IAM and cybersecurity solutions for more than two decades. It stands to reason that Concensus Technologies is an undisputable choice for companies looking for trusted and experienced partners for implementing business, security, and IT solutions.

The genesis of Concensus Technologies traces back to 1999 when Don DaRe started his journey in the realm of identity and access management (IAM) with an aim to simplify IT and make it more accessible, increase security, and equip customers with powerful IAM solutions. More than two decades later and now in the role of co-founder, president, and CEO of Concensus Technologies, it’s fair to say that DaRe has accomplished those goals. He is leading the charge at Concensus Technologies to offer clients a full range of IAM products and services, on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment.

Specializing in IAM, Concensus Technologies draws on its rich expertise to recommend, implement, and oversee identity and access management solutions that perfectly fit each individual client’s business needs. With its provisioning, workflows, single sign-on, role-based identity, access management, and other services, Concensus Technologies assists Fortune 100 companies in gaining greater control, securing and protecting users, data, and applications. The company also hosts IAM solutions for its customers— be it access management for single sign-on purposes or identity solutions for provisioning and de-provisioning.

“When it comes to IAM, we have ‘been there and done that’ for decades now. We have partnered with innovative companies like Identity Automation, Micro Focus, and OneLogin to expand our reach in this space. However, apart from the superior IAM products and services that we deliver, our uniqueness stems from the rich experience and expertise we bring to the table,” says DaRe.

He goes on to mention that Concensus Technologies facilitates deployment of appropriate software that manages the full identity and access lifecycle. Concensus Technologies’ access management service automates the process of authenticating, authorizing, and auditing users and services, and ensures that access control and permissions change as a role varies within an organization.

“If a person moves to a different department within the organization, we change what they have access to as a part of managing their lifecycle. For professionals connected to Salesforce, it requires full provisioning to disable someone and take away the license. However, instead of the license removal, organizations can save a significant amount of money by implementing identity and access management solutions with call-based subscription services,” explains DaRe.

Anytime there is a high volume of change in the user population, that’s where we are going to shine through and see that usage

A typical client engagement at Concensus Technologies begins with understanding the client’s business requirements through an IAM workshop. This is followed by laying out a plan and recommending products that can best fit those requirements. The Concensus Technologies team then charts out an IAM roadmap before designing and developing a solution.

“The development phase involves building out the logic required to manage accounts. The next phase is testing and knowledge transfer before we finally head toward production,” he adds. Most of the IAM solutions, DaRe opines, fail because they lack the proper planning and roadmap for meeting diverse requirements.

Consensus Technologies also engages with its clients for project-based work. In doing so, the company utilizes a program called Primary Engineer that aims to solve the complexities of maintaining an IAM system.

“With our primary engineer model, an engineer assists the client in the implementation of a solution and works for them as a managed service. As a result, our job doesn’t end with implementation; we also focus on the maintenance of the systems,” informs DaRe.

Besides taking a ‘managed service’ approach to IAM implementation, the entire process—from consultation to production—complies with regulations like HIPAA, PCI, FERPA, GDPR, and more, while serving clients across diverse industries.

The efficiency of Concensus Technologies was on full display when one of the largest full-service wireless carriers in the U.S. approached the company for assistance. Concensus Technologies evaluated the client’s existing identity system for performance, processed database entries, and provisioned identities for its 5 million customers by region. Within just nine months, Concensus Technologies overhauled the client’s identity system to improve performance, data accuracy, and manageability. The services from Concensus Technologies reduced provisioning time by 75 percent, while the parallel design reduced the time lag for critical events by over 90 percent. The company also enabled web-based access and authorization control, a customer-facing portal, and a partner site for the client. These significant results were achieved while keeping up with the current best practices and security standards.

Success stories as such are indicative of Concensus Technologies’ commitment to solving clients’ complex issues pertaining to IAM. Moving ahead, the company will continue partnering with clients to navigate them through the complex labyrinth of IAM.

Concensus Technologies

Cranberry Township, PA

Don DaRe, Co-founder, President & CEO

As a leading provider of professional IT solutions, Concensus Technologies equips organizations with best-in-class identity and access management (IAM) and cybersecurity solutions. In 1999, Don DaRe, the co-founder, president, and CEO of the company had started his journey in the realm of IAM with an aim to simplify IT and make it more accessible, increase security, and equip customers with powerful IAM solutions. Its IAM and access service comes to the assistance of the Fortune 100 companies. Concensus Technologies draws on its rich expertise to recommend, implement, and oversee IAM solutions that perfectly fit each client’s individual business needs