ConceptShare: Collaboration for Increased Creative Production Efficiency

Nish Patel, CEO
Enterprise marketing and creative production departments have three major areas of concern when it comes to their operations: timeliness, capacity and compliance. They want to be able to deliver approved assets on time, maximize their creative production capacity and ensure that they follow their often times mandatory review and approval process. Making these seemingly laborious and daunting tasks simple is ConceptShare. Founded in 2006 by three technologists, Bernie Aho, Scott Brooks and Chris D’Aoust, the company has transformed over the years from catering to the mass market of creative professionals to exclusively serving the needs of enterprise marketing teams and large global agencies.

ConceptShare is an online proofing, project management and social collaboration tool that helps teams achieve their goals around timeliness, compliance and capacity by streamlining and structuring their processes. ConceptShare helps the people involved in the creative workflow–creators, project managers and reviewers–work together effectively, and the platform is specifically tailored to meet the needs of not one, but all of the user groups involved in the workin- progress process. Previously an annotation tool, ConceptShare has significantly expanded their features to include workflow management and social collaboration capabilities, as well as tracking of event data in the system. That event data allows them to extract and model information into dashboard reports around KPIs, helping companies understand and improve their performance level. “Our solution allows customers to win when it comes to work-in-progress,” says Nish Patel, CEO, ConceptShare.

One of the most important things enterprises worry about is the ability to integrate tools into their broader technology landscape, and thanks to an API and many outof- the-box integrations with other vendors, ConceptShare can integrate seamlessly with other tools involved in the work-in-progress-process.
These capabilities were developed as a result of ConceptShare’s close work with enterprise customers to understand their needs, especially in regulated industries like financial services and pharmaceuticals.

All of this, coupled with their ability to report back to customer on how they are performing against their business objectives, places them at the forefront of the pack.

Here’s an example of the kind of work ConceptShare helps enterprise marketing and creative teams manage. One of the top 20 financial services company in the U.S. was looking for a structured and streamlined review and approval process that adhered to a specific procedure, all the while ensuring that their assets were being reviewed as quickly as possible. ConceptShare was able to effectively replace the existing paper-basedsystem that was failing to perform. It gave them the ability to structure and streamline their review and approval process, ensuring that the right people were reviewing every piece of marketing collateral at the right time, and minimizing the risk of collateral being published without the required stakeholder’s review and approval. ConceptShare also logged every activity and reported back to the client on their performance against SLAs, enabling them to continuously optimize their review and approval process.

Looking to the future, ConceptShare is intent on making customers successful with regards to their goals around timeliness, compliance and capacity. They also intend to continue expanding their product’s functionality by adding real-time reporting and analytics, which will help teams optimize their entire creative production process on an on-going basis.


Ottawa, ON

Nish Patel, CEO

Provider of Creative Operations Management platform, helping marketing and creative teams share, communicate and collaborate effectively.