ConcertCare: Alliance for Better Healthcare

Tanveer Patel, Founder & CEO
Entering the telemedicine industry at a time when connectivity and constancy still had a long way to go, ConcertCare created a revolutionary approach to telemedicine through reliability and innovation. At the end of the day, “we are pain-seekers of the industry, and we work by discovering where telemedicine is restricted and building a solution for enabling those areas rather than develop a solution and then solve the problems,” says Tanveer Patel, the Founder and CEO of Concert Care. The company serves as an elegant bridge between the patients and the inaccessible higher-grade medical world and affirms their role as benefactors to the healthcare and insurance society by providing user-friendly telemedicine technologies.

In the last century, telemedicine practices existed only as a weak force, as both patients and physicians were reluctant to embrace it wholly. Problems arose with the prevalent inability of healthcare institutions to provide reliable payment mechanisms, dependable bandwidth, and complete care at reduced cost, making universal health access a distant reality. ConcertCare addresses these pain points through its ConcertCare Connect solution that offers efficiency and reassurance amongst people accessing healthcare over desktops and mobile phones. “We are not just an out-of-the-box software that people use, but we make the software work, instead of our customers working on it,” says Tanveer.

ConcertCare has strengthened the satisfaction and effectiveness of treatment for patients by allowing the easy availability of technology and imparting it across the healthcare society. They have an internal software development unit, which helps in developing and integrating the customized solutions that streamline and automate redundant tasks, making telemedicine more user-friendly. These solutions have enhanced the convenience of patients’ access to healthcare in smaller rural hospitals, mental health centers, disaster care areas, and prison cares; patients in remote locations can reach out to physicians easily with the help of the portable telemedicine solution. In particular, rural communities have long struggled to secure access to excellent medical facilities.
Healthcare centers with the objective of instituting better services for remote areas, could not find robust solutions which addressed all the complications. In one such scenario, a home health center in St. Louis incorporated ConcertCare’s telemedicine technology and was able to resolve the impediments. Their medical administrators can now reach more inaccessible areas to offer timely services through the telemedicine solution, which connects patients with skilled doctors. ConcertCare Connect was able to solve the recurring problem in rural health care delivery.

We are pain-seekers of the industry, and we work by discovering where telemedicine is restricted and building a solution for enabling those areas

Similarly, many insurance companies are also recognizing the potential of ConcertCare Connect and have been highly motivated by the outcomes of the platform. The solution has helped in reducing the costs incurred on the facility, ensuring better logistics of patients and bringing down the time of medical operations. The patients are made more responsible as ConcertCare sends timely reminders about fitness and information about diseases through the application, which makes people more competitive in educating themselves about their well-being. Tanveer says that people have started taking ownership of their health, with their solution accounting for a more flexible and better work-life balance.

With a successful triaging and load balancing of patients flow established, the customer satisfaction has gone up, and ConcertCare underlines the importance of it. In future, with a collaborative effort to innovate in data analytics that can help in making better medical decisions, ConcertCare plans to grow both organically and through acquisitions across the globe.


Birmingham, AL

Tanveer Patel, Founder & CEO

Provides telemedicine and e-consultation solutions to patients, hospitals and physicians