Conduit Innovation: Achieving Data Zen in the Customer-Led New World Order

Justin Perry, Founder & CEO
Most businesses today have an IT department, a marketing department and a sales department. Each of these distinct teams has its own budget, its own goals, and specific tools and platforms that support its function and activities. In this typical siloed structure, data is locked in disparate systems and each functional area must interpret and then share insights into their information set. With each department speaking its own data language and performing analysis for its own agenda, there is frequent miscommunication, critical data points are often overlooked and opportunities are ultimately lost. Unfortunately, this is business as usual for most organizations.

Customers—whether they are consumers or other businesses—are savvier than ever and the digital era has changed forever how prospects research, review, and make purchases. The combination of these two forces has created a catalyst for a paradigm shift in how organizations operate. Business as usual just isn’t going to cut it anymore. To not just survive but thrive in this customer-led new world order, organizations need to break down the silos and operate as a cohesive unit with a singular focus on customer acquisition and retention.

Conduit Innovation is on a mission to help companies—especially mid-market players and new entrants—break out of business as usual and align teams, systems, processes and data placing the customer at the center of the business’ holistic view. With its proprietary problem-solving methodology, SMARTech Convergence, Conduit has created a blueprint for organizations to follow to achieve a state of data Zen. “Our goal is to help clients remove the barriers to success and identify the reasons why you fail so that you can focus on what works,” says Justin Perry, founder and CEO of Conduit Innovation. “We want to help clients help themselves. Once SMARTech Convergence is achieved, it’s a repeatable methodology that we teach our clients how to maintain and propagate on an ongoing basis.”

At its core, SMARTech Convergence is the alignment of business goals and customer needs across sales, marketing and IT, to acquire, retain and expand customer relationships.

Conduit ONE is a scalable solution for growth-stage companies that want to glean actionable insights from company-wide data to digitally transform their business

It enables companies to prioritize long-term objectives and focus on short-term goals through sales and marketing. This integrated approach is invaluable for CIOs to support customer acquisition goals and remain in control of software decisions.

“CIOs must now align IT initiatives with business objectives, balancing innovation with operational excellence. Through SMARTech Convergence, IT leaders can protect a company’s IP, translate raw data into actionable insights and still set aside time for innovation.” To help CIOs manage this balancing act effectively, Conduit developed a service product, Conduit ONE. Conduit ONE is a platform-agnostic, integrated business intelligence solution connecting businesses with the information they most value to make the decisions they need to drive forward. Conduit ONE enables a “single source of truth” delivered through customizable dashboards that users across all departments—but most importantly, sales, marketing and IT—can access to logically segment and quickly analyze data.

“Businesses don’t set out to buy tools, they need to solve problems,” states Perry. “That’s what sets Conduit ONE apart from other BI software; it’s not just another tool in the shed. We work with every client on the up-front configuration to ensure tailored reporting that maps to their business goals. Conduit ONE is a scalable solution for growth-stage companies that want to glean actionable insights from company-wide data through a single user interface to digitally transform their business.”

Conduit Innovation

Boston, MA

Justin Perry, Founder & CEO

Conduit Innovation bridges the disconnect between executives, sales, marketing and IT to facilitate integrated strategies, innovation and digital transformation

Conduit Innovation