Condusiv Technologies: Accelerating Application Performance Through I/O Optimization Software Soluti

Jerry Baldwin, CEO
As organizations virtualize and look to further efficiency and productivity, they soon face performance bottlenecks that accompany I/O intensive applications and find themselves in an expensive and unsustainable business model of buying more server and storage hardware for improved application performance.

The California-based software solutions provider, Condusiv Technologies, provides highperformance software solutions that accelerate the speed of data within the existing data center hardware infrastructure, improving business productivity while lowering ongoing server and storage costs in a Software Defined Everything world. This allows organizations to ease the pain of sluggish applications at a fraction of the cost of the new hardware alternative with improved performance. Under the eminent guidance of Jerry Baldwin, CEO, Condusiv has patented two technologies that reduce the I/O requirement for any given workload via an intelligent software approach enabling organizations to solve their most challenging application performance issues through a 100% software approach, providing instant, scalable performance for mid to large enterprises. These patents have carved a niche for Condusiv against the competition edging them with a strong footprint. While most organizations respond to application performance issues by adding more server or storage hardware, V-locity acceleration software - the flagship product of Condusiv - takes a more efficient approach by optimizing I/O traffic before it is pushed through server, network and storage, resulting in productivity gains that double or triple performance on existing hardware.
“As much as our customers reflect nearly every vertical including thousands of global enterprises, government agencies, independent software vendors (ISVs), and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide, we have identified the healthcare space as our fastest growing vertical. The quality of patient care depends on the ability to quickly load and process medical records. With some of the largest health organizations using V-locity, they have doubled and even tripled the performance of their EMR/ EHR without adding additional hardware to achieve those increased levels of productivity. V-locity’s performance contribution can be seen as a dramatic business differentiator that delivers quantifiable business value by extending the efficiency of existing CAPEX investments while giving CIOs more control over their budget to invest in new innovation and bottom line growth,” says Jerry.

Way Ahead

With a 90 percent footprint in the Fortune 500 and over 45 million licenses sold, Condusiv is well positioned to stay ahead of the technology trends by helping organizations increase productivity and eliminate the risk of excessive hardware purchases for improved application performance. As organizations continue to move towards flash adoption, virtualization, VDI, and more, they tend to find themselves in a position of buying more and more server and storage hardware to support increasing application performance demands. Condusiv has purpose-built its software solutions to provide a path to a more cost sustainable business model where organizations buy storage hardware for capacity requirements instead of performance needs.

Condusiv Technologies

Burbank, CA

Jerry Baldwin, CEO

A provider of high-performance software that optimizes and maintains application operation efficiency and equipment longevity to increase productivity in technology, people, and businesses