Conexiom: Automating Monetary Transactions for Greater Efficiency

Ray Grady, President
Businesses that conduct multimillion-dollar transactions require the most effective account management tools to facilitate uninterrupted financial operations. However, carrying out such critical tasks in this current era of hyperconnectivity has become tedious, resulting in an increased demand for digital solutions.

To that end, many fintech organizations work toward innovative solutions that help simplify finance data management. For instance, the automation of storage and distribution processes depicts how fintech solutions can ensure the completion of tasks, such as handling purchase and sales orders, and accounts payable invoicing, with 100 percent accuracy. Observing the need to minimize paper trails and streamline multi-channel communications across an enterprise, Chicago-based Conexiom has perfected the art of automating trade documents and structuring financial data through its best-in-class automation technology.

In the European and North American markets, transactions worth more than $20 trillion are conducted annually. Statistics show that 44 percent of these transfers—carried out manually— experience recurrent issues of lost invoices, vendor complaints, and duplications or overpayments. The Conexiom platform helps companies overcome these challenges by leveraging its proprietary Touchless Automation technology to ensure that data is extracted with 100 percent accuracy, which effectively reduces operational costs. The platform provides customers with tangible ROIs, majorly impacting their deposits across supply chains, finance operations, and sales teams.

“What makes us unique is our ability to handle complex business logic and transform unstructured documents into valuable, structured file formats,” says Ray Grady, CEO and President of Conexiom.

The Conexiom platform leverages the extensive capabilities of intelligent machine learning (ML) models to deliver desirable results using analytics and online portal capabilities to accurately comprehend the nature of order volumes and their processing times.

Conexium’s core value revolves around its ability to simplify data extraction processes while interpreting relevant contextual information at a granular level.
The data sets gathered determine the accuracy of deliveries in terms of ensuring that specific products are delivered in the right quantity, on time, and to the appropriate entities.

Conexiom recently updated its platform to identify infrequent customers and prioritize their needs on the same level as regular customers. Whether a patron is active 80 percent of the time or 20 percent, they are assured the highest quality of service.

Conexiom’s success stories involve digitizing and automating payment methods for B2B and B2C transfers for numerous organizations. Large corporations, including global industrial manufacturers of paints and chemicals, and food retailers, have benefitted immensely by Conexiom’s redesign of their monetary management infrastructure.

What makes us unique is our ability to handle complex business logic and transform unstructured documents into valuable, structured file formats

In one instance, Conexiom developed intuitive AP invoice facilities for its client’s ERP systems, which improved and simplified their labor reallocation processes. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted staffing, they were able to expand their commercial operations without hiring extra workers. Conexiom excels in automating the B2C communication tools for clients, allowing them to deliver the most convenient customer experience with little room for error.

Customers expect greater predictability in transactions and guarantees of ROI from their service providers. Conexiom allows clients to manage deliveries, sales orders and reallocate labor resources with pinpoint accuracy. Automation of financial transfers eliminates mistakes caused by human error and bridges the communication gap between a business and its customers, to ensure the continued success of commercial operations.


Chicago, IL

Ray Grady, President

Conexiom provides a purpose-built platform that delivers True Automation: transforming complex, unstructured data into 100 percent accurate, touchless transactions, presented seamlessly into the ERP or system of record. The company has been helping businesses automate their financial transactions for over 15 years.