Confiance: Giving Competitive Edge to Companies through Business Transformation

Navin Maganti, President
Today’s enterprises are faced with a growing number of diverse challenges including increased market pressure, globalization, rapidly changing technology and increasing customer demands. Traditionally, these challenges have been met through point technology products, massive consulting engagements, or theoretical and unproven approaches. However, Confiance, a Reston, VA based company brings in a fresh approach to this scenario by identifying ‘process’ as the common denominator that helps companies plan, organize and execute—making them agile, competitive and net value generators in the marketplace.

Founded in 2007, Confiance provides business transformation solutions for businesses and the governments with a comprehensive approach to BPM, Enterprise Architecture (EA), and Cloud. “We apply BPM technology to make change practical, sustainable and generate value,” says Navin Maganti, President, Confiance. The firm brings visibility to enterprise assets, provides context to process, people and information such that decisions can be made by organizations in a timely and accurate manner. Also, Confiance’s meaningful analytics provide insight to drive both the smallest decisions on how to handle customer requests to how to manufacture and deliver products to marketplace.

“Our EA services help organizations understand, visualize, and analyze their IT assets to plan a roadmap and strategize the IT infrastructure and related services,” furthers Maganti. Once the roadmap is established, Confiance’s BPM services help the company to optimize the service delivery through redesigned IT processes, measures and skills. “The comprehensive nature of our EA service goes beyond just having an inventory of assets, but rather making it actionable through the context, attributes and analytics.”

To deliver the BPM and EA solutions and services, Confiance uses Confiance Transformation Framework (CTF), which establishes a repeatable, template based approach to the solutions. Another such platform is Cloud Adoption Federation Framework (CAFÉ) – that delivers cloud solutions and services. The framework also organizes decision makers and stakeholders into thinking about aspirations of cloud computing, tools and technology.
While these cutting-edge solutions and services play the brick and mortar of Confiance’s offerings, their unique business approach serves the final block to build the service fortress. "Our approach to improving business performance is holistic in nature that focuses on the management discipline as well as technology aspects," points Maganti. He also accredits the Confiance culture which constitutes individuals bringing in experiences from the Big Four Global Consultancies and Industries and work with an unrelenting customer focus.

Working with over 15 percent of the Fortune 500 companies, Confiance has many success stories tied to its belt. But their work with a Fortune 100 Science company stands out. The client turned to Confiance when it needed to integrate End-to-End (E2E) supply-chain process to improve customer experience, reduce cost to serve, and drive innovation. Confiance employed a combination of BPM methods, tools and methodology which helped the company sustain continuous improvement. “The client experienced a 36 percent improvement in global promise to policy and 15 percent reduction in inventory day sales,” remarks Maganti.

Our approach to improving business performance is holistic in nature that focuses on the management discipline as well as technology aspects

“Today, more organizations are moving their business processes into the cloud to leverage scalable resources, external actors and, making it globally accessible,” notes Maganti. This transition also integrates existing legacy applications to align Enterprise IT investments with cloud-based BPM. Confiance’s avant-garde roadmap is chartered to power its clients with all these benefits by helping them realize the transition. "We are investing in building a Cloud-Based global operating model which integrates people, processes, information, investments enhancing our platforms' capabilities, CAFÉ and CTF really takes us one step closer to this transition of enterprise processes into cloud."


Reston, VA

Navin Maganti, President

Provides business transformation solutions for businesses with a comprehensive approach to BPM, Enterprise Architecture (EA), and Cloud.