Confident Governance: Democratizing Governance Processes Worldwide

Bhavesh Bhagat, Co-founder & Chairman
With an ever-evolving global business landscape shaped by technology, economic, and political cycles, businesses face significant pressure to keep abreast of shifts in governance and compliance. Increased complexities and future uncertainties make it necessary for businesses to take advantage of advanced Governance technologies to improve process governance lifecycle. However, obstacles exist in the form of cost limitations, time constraints, and low user adoption. Confident Governance, inventor of “Governance as a Service®” is an award-winning enterprise cloud governance company, delivering a rich technology platform to assist small, mid-market, and large-sized enterprises achieve efficient risk management and ethical governance across all business processes.

Bhavesh Bhagat, Co-founder and Chairman of Confident Governance, explains the company’s mission, stating, “Business processes and technologies are constantly changing and intertwined in the world of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other evolving innovations which add tremendous complexities for companies in the realm of governance. With patent pending Governance as a Service® innovation, our mission is to Extract Simplicity from Complexity and turn it to Confidence for Sustainable Growth.” The company’s Agile product suite is a comprehensive platform engine taking businesses to the next level of transparent growth by democratizing the complexities of sales, marketing, IT and non-IT operations as well as full suite of Enterprise business processes including Audit, Finance, Legal Compliance, Risk Management, and Governance. As a long-standing ISV OEM Partner with Salesforce, the company provides a cost-effective and innovative set of technology tools designed with ease of use and scalability in mind.

CG apps are purpose built with a clear focus on risk intelligence backed by four strategic foundational pillars. Bhavesh explains, “The first aspect is to Discover and aggregate Enterprise Governance data within the platform such that all business governance and risk intelligence is captured. The second foundation is to apply Predictive insight with AI with which businesses gain rich analytical visibility on their risks. The third pillar of the platform offers Remediation Recommendation management and prevention functionality based on historical outcomes of specific business processes. The final aspect is the Collaborative Continuous Automation of Governance lifecycle.

Our constant mission is to Extract Simplicity from Complexity and turn it to Confidence for Sustainable Growth

Breaking the technical, people, and process silos, we determine the best course of action for the future.” Each of these 360 degree capabilities can be used individually or as part of a comprehensive platform Out of the Box with Salesforce and non-Salesforce systems. CG makes it easy for CIOs and CISOs needing to support their businesses, requiring a user friendly scalable platform to make Enterprise Governance a Competitive Edge.

In a recent customer success story, Confident Governance helped Rice Energy automate its entire Financial, Operational, and Legal compliance and policy management in their global environment, integrating with Salesforce and non-Salesforce systems. The CG platform was implemented within a matter of eight weeks during phase one automating full annual compliance audits followed by enterprise policy and compliance process automation. The customer was able to visualize and aggregate compliance and policy risks on Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime and realized over 30 percent saving in first year financial compliance. They were also able to reduce external consultant headcount by 50 percent and negotiate lower audit fees for their compliance programs.

Confident Governance is built on over two decades of subject matter expertise and powerful insight gained by collaborating with regulators, auditors, customers, and technology innovating engineers. Bhavesh states, “We know how a business and its board thinks and we deliver a globally scalable solution that speaks directly to the challenges they face in the way of Fast Growth.” Confident Governance is expanding its global reach with customizable and evolving Governance lifecycle solutions and continued partnership with Salesforce. With its key value proposition of “Good Governance leading to Great Growth,” the company will remain a leading innovator and deliver connected strategies with faster growth, less risk, and smoother results for its customers.

Confident Governance

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Bhavesh Bhagat, Co-founder & Chairman

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Confident Governance