Configero: Helping Enterprises Maximize their Investments on CRM

Jody Jamlett, Founder
Cloud deployments have been hard to come by considering the diversity in Enterprise IT today. With growing consumer market, the task ahead of the CRM providers to track and reach to different segments of the customer in providing solutions in sales, technology and marketing can be a challenging endeavor. So what companies need is a technology partner that can offer the best path in improving business processes and performance. Founded in 2009, Configero leverages its expertise in CRM and ensures integration of various domains on the Salesforce platform. Configero provides a complete life-cycle approach to CRM, touching several industries including technology, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, telecom and many more.With great expertise in Business and Technology,the firm, under the leadership of Jody Hamlett, MD, has been providing several applications on the salesforce platform.
To start off with the implementation solutions, Configero enhances an organizations’ salesforce CRM and cloud platform by helping organizations effectively manage sales, services and easily collaborate via cloud. With a great repute of being the leader in cloud innovation and building customized applications, the firm aids organizations leverage applications that are often termed expensive and hard to customize. Configero also delivers in integrating and migrating data under the salesforce platform to other existing tools and applications provisioning a centralized repository instead of multiple salesforce orgs.

One of the most successful implementations of Configero is its Consulting Services. With companies looking to maximize their ROI, the firm delivers real and quantifiable value through its services by its unique consultative approach to address potential business challenges. The approach starts off keeping in mind the CRM investment through CRM Optimization, Improved Usability, Automating tedious workflows and building scalable and flexible solutions for changing business needs.


Atlanta, GA

Jody Jamlett, Founder

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