ConfigureTek: Uncovering the Value of ServiceNow

Sundara Rao Viswanadha, President & CEO
ConfigureTek is a silver ServiceNow partner, with deep domain expertise within the IT Operations Management (ITOM) stack, which includes the configuration management database (CMDB), a fundamental part of every single ServiceNow implementation. With the largest team of certified and accredited ITOM experts, ConfigureTek is squarely aligned to help companies establish a very strong CMDB and IT Ops foundation to uncover incredible value in almost every aspect of the ServiceNow platform.

Following are the insights shared by Rohit Viswanadha, CTO of ConfigureTek, and Shannon Lake, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ConfigureTek, as to how the company overcomes customer challenges across various CMDB implementations.

What are some of the trends that you expect to have an impact in the ServiceNow Solution arena this year and how is ConfigureTek planning to leverage these trends in its solutions based on your expertise in the ServiceNow space?

Rohit Viswanadha: One of the trending themes that ConfigureTek focuses on within the ServiceNow space is Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. This is a culmination of everything that we already do around discovery, business critical service dependency mapping, event management, predictive and reactive operational impact analysis. Another area is software asset management, which is gaining popularity as increasingly companies are looking to minimize audit violations from software vendors and their costly implications. Uncovering and rectifying the under- and over-utilization of software licenses is a top priority for any CIO looking to minimize costs and improve efficiencies. We are consistently able to address this concern head-on with the effective use of ServiceNow SAM technology.

The other key trend is a need to understand the risk, dependency and business critical service impact of the cloud and container technologies like AWS, Azure, Docker, or Kubernetes. ConfigureTek is one step ahead of the game equipped with the staff and experience to provide visibility into the impact on business services using cloud and container technologies.

We enable our customers to realize their objectives across the above noted trends, by using an approach solidified through hundreds of successful engagements. This takes into account establishing a robust foundation (CMDB health checks, remediation, auto-discovery), and building toward predictive and reactive impact analysis through business-critical service dependency mapping, software asset management, and best of breed AI for IT Operations. We further look to empower IT Operations with rapid triage and response through event management, AI Ops, and automated workflow-based remediation solutions.

Shannon Lake: As an exceptional ServiceNow partner, ConfigureTek stands out because of its process-focused approach. And while the process is important, being able to understand the infrastructure in addition to the application, technology and business services as well as how they all fit together is just as crucial. We adopt a CMDB service-driven perspective that allows us to not only lead organizations into the first phase of success, but we set them out with a foundation for being able to transform themselves as they mature without having to go back and rework their approach. We like to say that we build a strong foundation to enable amazing outcomes.

In your interactions with CIOs of leading companies, what sense do you get of the challenges they face now in the ServiceNow Solution space and how is ConfigureTek effectively addressing these issues?

Rohit Viswanadha: The number one concern for CIOs today is avoiding costly downtime of critical business services, this leads us directly to our emphasis on predictive and reactive operational impact analysis.

ConfigureTek helps organizations avoid disruptions through predictive and reactive operational impact analysis fueled by CMDB, auto-discovery and service mapping

To address this challenge, we focus on leveraging automated discovery and mapping technology to deliver actionable views into the dependencies across infrastructure, applications and the critical business services they support. CIOs and companies, in general, want to minimize service disruptions, more than 80 percent of which are a result of poorly planned changes. ConfigureTek tackles all of these challenges in one go by performing rapid auto-discovery and mapping to provide value within a short time span. We focus on CMDB, auto-discovery and service mapping to help organizations avoid disruptions through predictive and reactive operational impact analysis. We are methodical in our approach toward rolling out these technologies and capabilities, with a keen understanding of the security and compliance implications when dealing with sensitive application and infrastructure data.

Could you please cite one or two case studies on how you have enabled clients to overcome hurdles and attain desired outcomes with your innovative array of solutions?

Rohit Viswanadha: With the ability to provide results within a calendar quarter, ConfigureTek has acquired a customer satisfaction score of 9.6 out of 10. One of our customers is a large grocery chain with more than 5,000 employees for whom we deployed a rapid discovery and mapping solution of 50 critical applications within three months. Being a grocery chain, power outages were costing them real dollars and affecting the customer experience. We brought in a team of experts to implement this solution geared toward providing improved visibility to enable a significant reduction of mean time to resolution. Through implementation of this solution the customer realized a reduction of MTTR from hours to minutes.

We recently provided another customer with visibility into critical dependencies that they used to build out move groups and minimize disruptions for a large-scale data center move using ServiceNow’s Discovery and Service Mapping. Within a matter of three months, our team was able to do rapid discovery and mapping of 75 critical business applications. This effort yielded actionable visibility into dependencies, relationships, and up- and down-stream impact that was then used toward simplification and organization of move groups. An additional ancillary benefit of performing rapid discovery and mapping was the establishment of a strong baseline CMDB.

For a decade, our company has been primarily focused on ITOM implementations and uncovering immediate value for customers. As ServiceNow’s go-to partner in this space, ConfigureTek provides meaningful thought-leadership to ensure that our customers are on a path toward success and are able to realize their strategic objectives.

By enabling CIOs to realize their vision, we are putting in place the foundation for the next generation digital enterprise.


Norcross, GA

Sundara Rao Viswanadha, President & CEO

ConfigureTek is a full-service technology provider with a focus on IT services and IT operations. They deliver immediate value from the client's technology investments. The company focuses on implementation, staff augmentation, and consulting services across ServiceNow software, along with other IT operations vendor portfolios. Their unique foundations are also designed to provide IT organizations success. The company assists its clients with Software Reseller, Sales, Demo, POC/POV, Implementation, Managed Services Capabilities, and Certified Consultants. ConfigureTek's experience and high-quality software have helped clients align with industry best practices and achieve their business goals