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Kyle Ferguson, CEO
A peek into Gartner’s recent study on market research reveals, today, organizations must pay attention to new customer digital touch points such as websites, mobile apps, live chat, and social media to comprehend customer journey more astutely—thereby meeting their evolving requirements and fostering greater brand loyalty.

And while it is universally accepted that effective two-way communication with customers leads to building better products and offering superior services, organizations often undermine another equally important source of consumer insight—their own employees. Employees, particularly those on the frontline of customer contact, can provide first-hand understanding of consumer needs, the challenges they face, and how they feel about a certain experience with the organization. As these insights come from people who are always on the tightrope, balancing the requisites for both their company and end consumers, they are more suited to help an organization gain a better perspective about any inconvenience in a customer’s buying journey. Consequently, organizations can take appropriate measures to satisfy their customer’s needs.

However, to make this happen, organizations need a holistic solution that combines both employee and multi-channel customer feedback from a variety of data sources. This is where Confirmit, a leading vendor of solutions that support Market Research, Customer Experience and insight professionals, makes its mark.

Confirmit powers organizations and market research agencies worldwide with a range of software products that enable businesses to collect feedback and data, analyze it effectively and share it in a way that makes it accessible for any business user. Most importantly, it empowers users without overwhelming them with data. “It boils down to taking really complex data and making it simple to turn insights into stories that fuel action,” says Kyle Ferguson, CEO of Confirmit.

Founded in 1996, Confirmit has almost 25 years of experience, history, and heritage in the market research and insight industry. Confirmit understands that every organization wants to differentiate itself in the market they operate. To help businesses stand out of the crowd, Confirmit offers flexible solutions that enable users to turn huge quantities of data into insight that drives informed action. Confirmit’s solutions are unique in the way they allow businesses to not only collect data through a range of channels, but to integrate it with information from a range of other sources using its open API approach. Its analytics and visualization tools then deliver easy to understand role-based stories that provide a single source of truth to fuel business decision making. Furthermore, security and data integrity are assured as it is governed by an Information Security Policy built on the ISO 27001 framework and has been SOC 2 Type II audited by an independent AICPA accredited firm. “We have crafted the most scalable and secure solution in the market as our client’s business ultimately depends on it,” remarks Ferguson.

Owing to this commitment toward empowering clients with valuable insights, today, Confirmit is well-positioned as a market leader. “We work with a huge range of organizations,” says Ferguson.

Confirmit has more than 25 years of experience, history, and heritage in the market research industry

But what unites them is a requirement to bring together large, complex data sets and use them to create simple, compelling stories. To strengthen the trust even more and extend the capabilities of Confirmit Horizons further, the company uses powerful and secure connectors, allowing third-party systems—like the client’s Salesforce platform—to interface with it. Companies can then generate more actionable business insight by combining data from many other data sources. Then, the platform takes the client’s CRM data and combines it with their employee and financial data. As a result, the client gets an accurate reflection of the customer, which ultimately provides more valuable insights to make informed decisions and drive actions.

In addition, Confirmit’s clients derive extra value from the company’s unmatched customer support services. Whether it’s any challenge related to the implementation of the software or questions regarding its functionality, Confirmit’s dedicated support team always ensures a smooth ride for its customers.

To further exemplify Confirmit’s expertise, Ferguson shares a client success story of a mortgage lender. While going through the mortgage process, what seemed like clear communication from the client’s perspective, was very confusing to the end customers. When Confirmit started working with the client, insight from their voice of the customer program quickly showed that it needed to address its customer communications and mortgage statements, which they did. Within a year, they improved their communication to a point where they reduced the call volume down by 8 percent, driving significant cost savings. And this ultimately impacted the overall customer experience provided by the mortgage lender.

Today, even amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Confirmit is striving to support its clients who have undoubtedly felt its impact. The pandemic has also given the company a different perspective on how organizations should adjust their operations in real-time to support their customers. To this end, Confirmit has set up a resource hub for the end-customer to share information or queries with the company’s clients. With the help of this, Confirmit can understand the client’s challenges and help them with their expertise. “Quite simply, we are trying to help our clients retain their customers and drive their share of wallet within the market they operate,” he summarizes.

Many of the most exciting changes at Confirmit are driven by a recent merger with Dapresy, a company with deep expertise in market research, specifically visualization techniques. Ferguson believes that this association will carve out a niche and secure position for Confirmit in both market research and the CX landscape. It is an exciting time for Confirmit as it is a huge inflection point in the industry. The company has a very supportive board and has big plans in the near future.


Oslo, Norway

Kyle Ferguson, CEO

Confirmit is a provider of the most powerful visual insights engine fueling business decisions. Confirmit powers organizations and market research agencies worldwide with a wide range of solutionsthat turn insight into stories that fuel action. Founded in 1996, Confirmit has 25 years of experience, history, and heritage in the market research and insights industry. Confirmit’s solutions are trusted by top organizations and leading market research companies