Conformiq: Agile Test Automation Tools for Enhanced Software Quality

Michael Mandahl, CEO
Agile transformation is an impactful practice that promotes adaptive planning and continuous improvement in the software development process and renders traditional testing practices ineffective. “Our solutions enable in-sprint test automation and low test maintenance in agile software development lifecycle,” begins Michael Mandahl, CEO, Conformiq. “By eliminating the time required for laborious test execution script maintenance during short sprints, Conformiq helps organizations to test in an agile manner,” he adds. Conformiq provides test automation, automatic functional test design, and support services to improve efficiency, decrease costs and to achieve higher software quality through its advanced software. The company’s products help organizations get a complete overview of requirements and expected behavior of the software that will be tested. “We offer automatic test design software to provide a visual link between the requirements of the test and the testing goals and then generate test scripts for automated execution in the users' SDLC environment,” illustrates Mandahl. He adds, “This is ability to test thoroughly at the speed of development is what makes Conformiq the future of testing.”

The company offers Automated Test Design tools that use intelligent algorithms to generate test suites, data, plus the correct expected results directly from models or from other assets making it unique. Conformiq Creator, a key product, provides a solution for automating testing processes and speeding up the software development lifecycle of enterprise IT applications. It has pre-built plug-ins for test execution tools for common testing areas such as, integration, end-to end, application, and use case driven testing.

The other product of the company, Conformiq Designer, creates an environment for domain skills; used in embedded software development to automate testing and speed up development in various industries, including automotive, and communications. Conformiq Designer enables end-to-end test automation and automated test design for developing systems with high software quality requirements and complex designs. “Both the products use the same automation platform, but the former is targeted for use by test architects and SMEs and the latter is a product for engineers testing mobility and telecom equipment,” explains Mandahl.
Conformiq has enabled many organizations to test at the speed of development eliminating automation backlog and increasing profits. The tests generated are optimized for fast execution and creating known coverage, thereby improving the quality of the product, especially critical in medical, financial, and all regulated and safety critical applications. For instance, one of their telecom clients had a requirement to improve their testing performance and an agile transformation in their infrastructure. “They were facing capability issues, so they worked with our Conformiq Creator product,” says Mandahl. It enabled agile testing and in-sprint test automation which in turn helped the company increase its automation efficiency by 40 percent.

In today’s scenario of absolute integrated test automation, Conformiq has a platform that uses the unique combination of algorithmic design, which can transform assets like models, test recordings, or requirements into complete test cases and test optimization to automatically generate scripts for automated execution. “We have developed the most advanced mathematical constraint solving techniques to optimally transform a system model into a complete test suite,” explains Clark Cochran, Vice President Alliances. He adds, “Conformiq has a scalable engine that utilizes multiple processors to automatically generate complete coverage. No other test design tool has these advanced capabilities.”

We offer automatic test design software to provide a visual link between the requirements of the test and the testing goals and then generate test scripts for automated execution in the users' SDLC environment

Conformiq delivers today a 10X productivity gain platform, helping software and system testing teams to identify more defects and reduce the testing turnaround time. The company is increasing its efforts to facilitate their customers and partners in leveraging their existing test assets. “We are working on the next-generation franchise to target 100X productivity gain against manual testing,” concludes Mandahl.


San Jose, CA

Michael Mandahl, CEO and Mark Creamer, Vice President Sales Clark Cochran, Vice President Alliances

Conformiq is a worldwide provider of automatic test design software that integrates with all major SDLC tools delivering optimized full coverage tests at agile speed for automated execution

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