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Brian Davidson, CEO and Managing Partner
At a time when GDPR is already active in the EU and CCPA is set to be implemented in the US in January 2020, the statistics, according to Gartner, Inc., noting that about 80 percent of the unstructured data present in the silos are ROT (redundant, obsolete, or trivial), are extremely shocking. To that end, the biggest repositories such as S3, Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure have tons of petabytes of data that remain unusable, making it difficult for organizations to sift and scan through hoards of data in a short period of time, while ensuring regulatory compliance. Since corporate IT and legal departments do not work cohesively, enterprises clearly face the grave risk of violating data laws. Unfortunately, there aren’t requisite tools in the market to mitigate this lurking danger.

Meet Congruity360, the data governance solution provider disrupting the data compliance market with its comprehensive data management solution suite. Having excelled in the data storage space since the ‘90s, the Massachusetts-based company understands contemporary data-related challenges like few others and has the wherewithal to simplify the process of scanning and analyzing unstructured data. Brian Davidson, CEO and Managing Partner of Congruity360, says, “Statistics claim that the datasets created by a large number of organizations–from the onset of their journeys—have zero business value in the long run. Organizations are aware of the same, but they cannot figure out a way to reduce their data storage footprint.”

As a result, IT teams have to often push those redundant datasets down to deep storage (the Isilon or NetApp systems) at as low cost as possible. Though it appears to be a convenient shortcut for complying with the corporate governance regulations, the process ends up creating greater difficulty for the legal teams to recover those datasets as and when needed. This is the scenario Congruity360 aims to alter. “By leveraging GPU-enabled technology, our Classify360 data governance & classification solution provides near-real-time data analytics, allowing enterprises to make business-critical decisions about their data,” adds Davidson. This system lets business teams evaluate datasets and present findings to C-level decision makers easily, stripped of confusing technical framework.

Having evolved from years of data storage and governance expertise, Congruity360 recognizes the pitfalls and weak points of the businesses when it comes to the practical application and management of data. It also understands that traditional businesses are single-sighted—either focused on file management or the data discovery process. As a result, to help businesses keep up with growing market demand and increasing data generation, Congruity360 developed these tools by working backward. With the knowledge that a data storage bottleneck has already been created in business environments, the company first attacked the biggest silos in the market and, consequently, were able to rapidly scan the biggest repositories at both the metadata and content layers.Congruity360’s tools helped to backup data quickly, enabling businesses to take action within weeks. “No other tools in the market have this kind of capability. Even if other tools are trying to deploy the same service, they are mostly limited to the metadata layer,” says Davidson.

No other tools in the market have this kind of capability. Even if other tools are trying to deploy the same service, they are mostly limited to the metadata layer

The tools in the software suite developed by Congruity360 also enable large enterprises to easily deploy their cloud-first strategy by giving them a view of the data underneath the content layers, providing insight into data that is prime to move to cold storage or defensibly delete.

In the pursuit of helping organizations in data segregation, analysis, and management, Congruity360 has established an association with all the industries that are regulated—from healthcare to finance. The company has bolstered its position in the market by scripting success stories in several SMEs and Fortune 1000 companies. One of Congruity360’s present clients had eight petabytes of data that was planned for a transfer to Azure. After analyzing the datasets, Congruity360 realized that out of eight petabytes, five petabytes of data does not demand migration to Azure at all; rather, it can be stacked as deep archives. This meticulous analysis and limiting movement of datasets to Azure are expected to save 700 percent of the client’s cost in comparison to their current bill, and it would have a positive effect on their ROI too. “While companies lack the capability to firmly decide which portion of data deserves to go on-prem, we are continuously helping them achieve awareness to enable better decision making,” adds Davidson. In addition to the uniqueness of its tools, the cost-effectiveness of its solutions also gives Congruity360 a competitive edge.

Moving ahead, constant improvement is an objective that Congruity360 wishes to strictly adhere to. In fact, to keep up with the pace of the growing number of data silos, the company has already built the necessary architecture to expand its connector framework to an infinite number of applications and repositories. This flexibility, with which it builds and connects its different frameworks, also makes the company extremely agile.

Newly establishing its corporate headquarters in Norwell, Massachusetts, Congruity360 is the owner and operator of the largest privately-held data center in the northeast region. “This data center has accelerated our benchmark testing process by reducing the common limitations pertaining to space and capacity,” concludes Davidson. Today, Congruity360’s engineers are physically present in all their Tier 3 data centers to uniformly inspect the data analysis processes, so the company can help its clients address compliance, classification, and storage issues more seamlessly. However, Congruity 360’s services are not limited to the US market. With its centers spread across the UK and China, the company also caters to the businesses trying to comply with the data protection laws across the globe.

Congruity 360

Norwell, Massachusetts

Brian Davidson, CEO and Managing Partner

Congruity360 is a single-source data governance provider that has designed a comprehensive data management solution suite to help companies manage their siloed data to comply with data protection laws, reduce data storage footprint and liability, and enable cloud migration strategies at the enterprise level. By leveraging GPU-enabled technology, Congruity360’s Classify360 data governance & classification solution provides enterprises near-real-time data analytics. Unlike other tools available in the market, the tools developed by Congruity360 can to rapidly scan the biggest repositories at both the metadata and content layers. As one of the most promising compliance technology solution providers, Congruity360’s services cater to the markets in the US, UK, and China

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