Conigent: Process Improvement And Business Management Consulting Firm

Ameet Shah, CEO
In the past, people depended on physical computer storage or servers to run their programs. However, with the introduction of cloud computing, business enterprises can now access their programs through the internet. The founders of Conigent realized the importance of cloud and founded the company in 2005 as a process improvement and business management consulting firm, focused on designing, implementing, and optimizing cloud applications to alleviate operational bottlenecks.

Through detailed discovery services, it helps organizations navigate the often complex arena of software selection. It also specializes in the development of mobile, portal, reporting, and other custom applications in both the public and private cloud.
Furthermore, as a valued partner of, and specialist in data integration and user adoption, the company implements enterprise CRM and possesses an ERP deployment competency that has resulted in on-time and under-budget success to multiple enterprise companies.

Headquartered in Haddonfield, NJ, Conigent provides a personal approach to the often-complex arena of information technology design and implementation with its main focuses on Web and Mobile Apps, ERP Implementation (ERP), Software Selection, Transportation Management (TMS), and customer relationship management (CRM).

Conigent helps with everything from software selection to implementations. Its professionals work hard to help customers assess their business needs, determine the right technical solutions, and make sure their entire team can leverage these systems. While each of its projects has its own unique requirements, each share two key elements: commitment to the success of the project, and client's belief in technology as a competitive advantage.


Haddonfield, NJ

Ameet Shah, CEO

Process improvement and business management consulting firm focused on optimizing cloud applications to alleviate operational bottlenecks