Conligo: Reinforcing ERP through Seamless Integrations

Phil Glennie, Director of Sales and Marketing
A complete enterprise management solution, Sage 300 was designed to help progressive companies of all sizes–small, medium, and large–navigate through their operations, gain meaningful insights, and manage their finances/inventories better. A proactive solution to fill in the loopholes of traditional ERP structures, the all-in-one Sage 300 has, over the years, effectively integrated diverse financial accounting software and streamlined the expense data in organizations. As such, the necessity to align data with operations is particularly evident when applying Sage 300 functionalities to the ecommerce industry. Today, in the pandemic-stricken world, this robust solution is guiding ecommerce enterprises to handle the increasing online shopping traffic and manage the colossal volumes of digital transactions uninterruptedly. However, choosing a highly-skilled integrator is just as important as choosing the right ERP solution, which seamlessly implements and adapts the solution to your specific business needs.

Enter Conligo.

If there is one company that truly warrants credit for assisting firms to seamlessly integrate their ecommerce systems with SAGE 300 and extend the functionality of the software, it is Conligo. For over two decades, the company has been dedicated to helping enterprises get the most out of their ERP. On a mission to “move businesses forward by helping them build out from their ERP,” Conligo enables enterprises to harness the full potential of their ERP systems by building vital business process out of it. Keeping an ERP system at the center of all business solutions, Conligo brings maximum efficiency, usability and real-time intelligence, which help save money, time, energy, and move the business forward.

The seeds of Conligo (formerly known as Iciniti) were sown almost two decades back as a development company, where its role was limited to enhance productivity by reducing the human and business costs that pop up due to disconnected e-commerce, sales, and payment card solutions. Over the years, the company utilized its experience to design unprecedented out-of-the-box products that bolster the existing ERP infrastructures and effectively optimize return on investment. “Having accumulated significant experience in the ERP space, Conligo today firmly positions itself as a product-based company that creates out-of-the-box solutions to integrate with Sage 300,” says Phil Glennie, Director of Sales and Marketing, Conligo.

Touching upon the challenges that hinder seamless integration of ecommerce and ERP systems, Glennie highlights that integrated payments, invoicing, and automation are among the major roadblocks that stand in the way of incorporating Sage 300 into their systems. Often, while using Sage 300, enterprises are compelled by service providers to switch gateways. This subsequently leads to a decline in rates of productivity, loss of pre-stored information like the client’s credit card data, and even payment of hefty one-time charges to the incumbent gateway. In the face of these barriers, many companies avoid integrating their payment systems with Sage software.
The online shopping platforms continue to function with their old-school payment handling processes–downloading relatable CSV files, manually entering data into their accounting systems, and more. However, Conligo Pay, the company’s robust solution that ‘sits inside Sage 300’, puts such issues to rest by seamlessly integrating the enterprise’s existing gateway with Sage software. The PA-DSS compliant solution automates the cash-to-order process and eliminates manual processes while avoiding cumbersome reconciliations, thereby reducing the client’s PCI exposure. Conligo Pay supports more payment gateways than any other product in the Sage 300 family. The easy-to-use and highly configurable Conligo Pay offers additional functionalities like batch capturing, batch authorizations, and others to coalesce the day-to-day payment activities.

Having accumulated significant experience in the ERP space, Conligo today firmly positions itself as a product-based company that creates out-of-the-box solutions to integrate with Sage 300

Conligo has also developed a Sage 300-integrated portal, OneView. This product addresses the pressing demands for automation of the accounts receivable process by letting enterprises automatically send customers a click-to-pay email after loading an invoice into Sage-300. An ideal solution for B2B e-commerce, Conligo OneView comprises a web portal that allows customers to sign in and review their outstanding invoices or their transaction history anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the complete cloud-based solution enables real-time integration with Sage customer data. It provides access from any computer, tablet, or mobile device, allowing customers to view up-to-date information anytime or even quickly shop while paying their invoices, thereby diminishing payment friction and speeding up cash flow.

Conligo’s other stellar solution, OrderDesk, is specifically designed for companies with teams that need their customer order data to flow into Sage 300 or their ERP systems automatically. It grants the sales and customer service reps the ability to easily take orders into Sage 300 or their existing ERP systems. Used either as a stand-alone application or integrated into the customer’s Sage CRM platform, OrderDesk is proving its mettle during the pandemic crisis and helping companies handle the rising traffic in e-commerce sites without any errors.

With innovation at its core, Conligo is looking forward to strengthening its three C’s of its products’ success–clear, cloud-based, configurable. The company is currently focusing on making its products more cloud-based and streamlined, which will allow them to push automatic updates and feature additions to all their customers to add more value. “We’re working to constantly improve our products and make them highly configurable. In doing so, we can use the advantage of cloud-based development to absorb new one-off customizations as standard configurations and reward our customers with an ever-growing set of helpful features,” concludes Glennie.

Conligo News

Automate A/R in Sage 300. Get Paid Faster.

You do a great job for your customers and deserve to be paid for your services in a timely manner. But how often does it really work that way?

Many companies spend months trying to chase down payment for a job well done. This effort can cost you a lot of money and even more headaches.

To address this, you can study up on the techniques for improving collections. But you can also automate your A/R in Sage 300 for maximum efficiency. There are many benefits to doing this, but the biggest are streamlining your A/R and accelerating cashflow.

Enter OneView

It was with this goal in mind that we created OneView, the best-in-class solution to automate A/R in Sage 300.

How does OneView do this? It’s simple.

1) It loads a list of your customers from Sage and invites them to set up an account on your OneView portal

2) It pulls from Sage to show customers their outstanding balance, open and paid invoices, orders, credit notes, and other info.

3) When connected to Conligo Pay, it allows them to pay their outstanding invoices online.

4) It generates automated emails to remind them of unpaid invoices or outstanding balances.

Sound good?

Let your customers shop for more!

We should also add that the portal allows customers to access inventory info from Sage and easily reorder items or add new ones. They can also enable an auto-reorder function for frequently ordered products.

In short, OneView does 95% of the job of a full B2B webstore at a fraction of the cost and with much greater simplicity. That means greater reliability, speed, and convenience for you and your customers.

We’re talking about a fully ERP-integrated solution that is:

• Out-of-the-box

• Highly configurable

• Streamlined

• Simple

• Clear

• User-friendly



Phil Glennie, Director of Sales and Marketing

For over 20 years, Conligo has been creating products to increase productivity and reduce the human and business costs that come from having disconnected ecommerce, sales, and payment card solutions. By building these solutions out from the common foundation of customers’ ERP, the company helps clients save more of their time, energy, and money to do more of the things they love and enable them to move their business forward. Through its stellar solutions like OneView, OrderDesk, and others, Conligo seamlessly integrates the enterprise’s existing gateway with Sage software and bolsters their ERP infrastructures to effectively optimize return on investment