ConnectAndSell: A Bridge between Marketing Automation and CRM

Chris Beall, CEO
With age, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are transitioning from functionally point solutions to becoming integration frameworks. However, there are many persistent stumbling blocks that sales representatives, the wheels on which CRM operates, face in their quest to sell more. Identifying these bottlenecks and coming up with accurate solutions is vital for organizational success. Often, the challenge can be an unenthusiastic attitude towards adopting technology or, the perception of CRM being a tool solely for management to generate forecasts instead of a tool that will drive the sales reps performance. This problem is further compounded by the inconsistency with which sales reps log data despite extensive training and management efforts.

Based in Los Gatos, CA ConnectAndSell nullifies these difficulties in the field of B2B Sales and Marketing with its path-breaking solutions: InstantResponse, Lightning, and OutboundOnDemand. These solutions act as a bridge between marketing automation and CRM, solving the “last mile” problem by delivering sales conversations as a service, on demand. ConnectAndSell’s solutions make B2B sales representatives 10X more productive by effortlessly delivering thousands of fully navigated dials per day to each rep. By combining intelligent input and output caching with sales rep friendly interfaces, ConnectAndSell maximizes CRM utilization and minimizes delays in connecting conversations and synchronizing CRM data, . Chris Beall, CEO of the company says, “We are known for pushing speed and innovation limits while executing with precision – there just isn’t any other way to execute 17 million fully navigated dials and deliver 700,000 conversations in a year.”

ConnectAndSell’s solutions are compatible with all the browsers and take minutes to integrate with popular CRMs. With ConnectAndSell’s solution, InstantResponse, fresh leads are injected from the CRM directly into live conversation sessions and dialed in less than five minutes.
ConnectAndSell Lightning is a SaaS solution with bidirectional CRM integration enabling 10X more conversations while eliminating 95 percent of the time needed to reach decision-makers. With Closed Loop Calling integrated Lightning/CRM workflows automate achieving 100 percent voice follow-up, driving 2X more opportunities than occur on a first conversations alone. In addition, the company provides Coaching as a Service – allowing sales managers and professionals to give structured feedback to sales representatives; and List Intelligence- combining web scraping, search, matching and filtering technology with best-of-breed data sources; one-stop shopping for targeted call lists.

We are known for pushing speed and innovation limits while executing with precision – there just isn’t any other way to execute 17 million fully navigated dials and deliver 700,000 conversations in a year

The company’s other solution, OutboundOnDemand, delivers meetings at rates previously considered unsustainable. “Systems that bring humans and computers together to solve huge business challenges are much more exciting than a machine that thinks for us,” says Beall. A case to consider for the company’s unique solutions is RingCentral, a provider of cloud-based phone systems that used both ConnectAndSell Lightning and OutboundOnDemand to first response to inbound leads to less than five minutes and increase conversation coverage of leads by more than 10X. Beall says, “We know where the real action is in sales – so we are focused on helping our customers get inside those conversations.” The company will stick to the needs of its customers, judiciously adding innovations such as a recently released mobile coaching app.


Denver, CO

Chris Beall, CEO

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