Connection Model: Eliminating Tech Stack Barriers for Digital Marketers

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David Carpenter, President & Digital Strategist
John Wanamaker, who is regarded as the pioneer of marketing, famously said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

This quote, while relevant to the bygone era—when accurately measuring the impact of a marketing campaign was nearly impossible—falls flat in today’s digital economy.

When you consider the advanced technology, tools, and insights that 21st-century digital marketers have access to, they should ideally have 100 percent visibility and transparency into every aspect of the marketing funnel: where their marketing spend is going, and precisely which campaigns and initiatives are generating sales leads and driving revenue.

Unfortunately, this is far from the case. Only a handful of brands have actually figured out how to measure 100 percent of their marketing spend and what exactly it drives in terms of results.

So, what is precluding the other brands from reaching their full potential and turning their digital marketing strategies into sales opportunities?

Despite the purchase of the latest and greatest marketing technology, platforms, and tools, too many brands get overwhelmed with the tech and its implementation and fail to use it to establish meaningful connections with prospective customers. “Too many brands settle for ‘good enough’ and make decisions without true visibility into the marketing funnel. We eliminate technology stack barriers and ensure that marketing spend delivers customers or qualified leads that turn into sales opportunities,” stresses David Carpenter, president and digital strategist at Connection Model. As a Digital Marketing agency with an emphasis on marketing technology, Connection Model helps its clients optimize their integrated tech stack for crystal-clear visibility and ROI Reporting from their end-to-end marketing campaign expenditure—from lead source to sales and revenue.

Connection Model’s comprehensive solution starts by documenting each step in the marketing funnel—from impressions, to visits, conversions, leads, and ultimately sales and revenue, to give brands the capability to attribute closed deals to the correct source. The source of deal revenue could range from social media, to Google Ads, to referrals, to content on the company website. Having the knowledge of actual source is critical to a marketers’ ability to “do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t,” according to Carpenter.

Creating Customized, Role-Based Dashboards

Prior to building an integrated technology stack for clients, Connection Model figures out “what the client cares about” and the metrics that prove the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. After identifying the critical metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), Connection Model determines how far into the client’s revenue funnel it can go, and accordingly sets up dashboards and reporting tools to give brands on-demand, transparent access to the data that matters most.

Carpenter is quick to note that Connection Model, which can integrate data from more than 70 unique sources into marketing dashboards, “does not overwhelm clients with data,” instead providing accurate and timely information that they can put to use in their role.

“Clients want actionable insights from us, not more data.”

In order accomplish this, Connection Model builds role-specific, customized dashboards— marketing directors and CMOs are presented with data pertinent to their roles in building the brand and growing traffic, and sales teams access dashboards containing lead counts, time to contact, and time to close information. “Our unique value proposition is providing customized, online dashboards to view the entire marketing and sales funnel,” says Carpenter, before adding that the solution is accessible via both desktop and mobile apps.

Inverted Journey: From Closed Deal to Best Marketing Source

The methodology used by Connection Model to ascertain these metrics is unique in and of itself. While utilizing inbound marketing—the opposite of traditional, interruption-based advertising—the agency draws in targeted prospects that are already interested in a client’s business. While most of its competitors trace the steps that lead to revenue, Connection Model takes a bottom-up approach that begins with the attributes of closed deals and works all the way back to the marketing channels that produced the desired results.

The Connection Model team goes to great lengths to learn the environment, the language, and the persona of the buyers that each client is looking to attract, influence and convert into sales opportunities.

Connection Model’s research and assessment phase includes a comprehensive look at a company’s technology stack, as well as the market opportunity currently being enjoyed by its competitors, and makes an initial recommendation of the tools most appropriate for this client.

We eliminate technology stack barriers and ensure that marketing spend delivers customers or qualified leads, which turn into sales opportunities

As a premier partner of HubSpot, Drift, and Databox, Connection Model has a proven track record of rapid technology implementation in a way that does not disrupt a client’s business. Often times Connection Model implements a tool such as Drift atop a customer’s existing marketing technology stack to immediately generate more sales conversations and improve conversion rates, “one of the most critical and perplexing challenges marketers face in 2020.”

Pioneering the HubSpot Experience

When it comes to MarTech tools, HubSpot is widely regarded as the cream of the crop. If there is one technology-focused digital marketing agency that truly understands the benefits of HubSpot, it is Connection Model. After all, Connection Model was the first company to join HubSpot’s Partner Program and their first-ever platinum partner. “Although we support a number of technology stacks, we always recommend HubSpot when appropriate, and help our clients maximize the true value of this powerful platform,” affirms Carpenter.

Besides rapid and effective technology implementations, Connection Model also delivers results through performance-built websites, content marketing fueled by paid and social media, blogging, organic SEO, video, loyalty and lifecycle marketing programs.

The Google Paradox: Top Ranking Positions Don’t Always Drive High Traffic and Leads

With regard to its Organic SEO services, Carpenter conveys an interesting use case involving an emerging technology company that was confused about their organic search presence, but didn’t see the need to improve. They ranked No. 2 on Google for a valuable keyphrase,but didn’t understand why that high ranking wasn’t generating qualified sales leads and revenue. However, the company was dealt a reality check by Connection Model when Carpenter’s team investigated the client’s CRM, analytics tools, and Google Search Console. “Despite being ranked high on Google Search, they were receiving only 1 percent of the click share, when they should have been getting 40 percent of the clicks from that high of a position. They were missing opportunities to drive engaged users to their website to convert because their content was so out of date,” recounts Carpenter.

Connection Model helped the client increase visibility through updated content, allowing the technology company to capitalize on the opportunity of high-ranking keyphrases through SEO.

Through such use cases, Connection Model often enables brands to drive free, organic growth that replaces the need for ongoing and expensive paid marketing campaigns. It has branded this approach Search Marketing Equity®.

Bright Future Ahead

Driving ahead, Connection Model will look to strengthen its reputation as a “results-driven digital marketing agency” focused on helping clients increase revenue, generate qualified leads, and acquire profitable new customers through measurable, accountable marketing strategies. To that end, Connection Model adopts an iterative approach that enables clients to achieve goals on a weekly, sprint cycle. Carpenter says Connection Model “doesn’t take on projects, put them in a black box, and work on them for months” only to leave clients in the dark. “We believe in transparency, especially when it comes to our clients’ investments in us and their marketing programs.”

“One of the most fascinating parts of this industry is that it changes almost weekly – thanks to Google, Facebook, Amazon and the other powerful tech firms that move the market. Staying on top of these changes—keeping our clients on top of these changes – is what brings us so much satisfaction as an agency. We’re constantly in a state of testing, experimentation and agency-improvement.”

With that drive for growth and excellence, Connection Model plans to target larger organizations and those with business units across multiple locations. The agency is already serving clients with hundreds of locations spread across the globe. While acknowledging that each market and location is unique, the agency will further leverage the HubSpot platform, which allows for mass personalization of websites, especially location-specific businesses. To accomplish this, it will also work closely with B2B franchise operators. “Our biggest focus right now is scaling the delivery of customized marketing solutions. We want to help clients at both the individual and corporate levels,” concludes Carpenter.

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David Carpenter, President & Digital Strategist

A Platinum partner of HubSpot, Connection Model specializes in helping businesses optimize their integrated tech stack, and enable brands to see true ROI from their end-to-end marketing campaign expenditure—from lead source to sales and revenue. One of the top HubSpot Solution Providers, Connection Model’s clients gain crystal-clear visibility and ROI Reporting from their end-to-end marketing campaign expenditure—from lead source to sales and revenue. Besides technology implementations, the digital marketing agency also delivers exceptional results through performance-built websites, content marketing fueled by paid and social media, blogging, organic SEO, video, loyalty and lifecycle marketing programs

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