Connectloud: Enterprise-Grade Hyper-Converged Cloud Infrastructure Software for Optimizing the Business

Zeeshan Naseh, Founder, President, & CEO
The constantly evolving dictionary of IT had a new entry in the recent past, inked in bold letters; Software Defined Networking (SDN). Most organizations, today, are moving towards SDN solution providers with a notion to adequately position their Cloud setup that meets their demands and goals. Headquartered at Plano, TX, Connectloud is one such company, which with its Hyper-Converged Cloud Infrastructure Platform uCloud™, is empowering enterprises to automate their Cloud environment and leverage it at its full capacity. uCloud™ is a hyper converged, hardware agnostic, software defined platform that can be deployed within minutes to achieve an enterprise level performance and limitless scalability. It offers security and multi-tenant automation across clouds of any type, for clients from any vertical, and across geographically dispersed data centers, all delivered as a service.

“Our solution works on a multitude of datacenters and Cloud platforms,” delineates Zeeshan Naseh on the compatibility of the uCloud™. The Founder, President, and CEO at Connectloud, Naseh further adds, “uCloud™ is enabling enterprises to bring the desired security and agility in their Cloud setup that promises improved return of investments.” Managing multiple Cloud setups is reduced to the screen of a single tenant administrator who can orchestrate instant, on-demand provisioning, configuration, and workflow among Clouds. It dramatically reduces the capital expenditure and operating expenses as a single administrator can now orchestrate entire Cloud establishments. While implementing uCloud™, all the customer’s data sets, templates, and applications remain untouched. “Since we never touch our customer’s data, all our solutions meet the imperative requirements of HIPAA, Sarbanes- Oxley, and other compliance regulations,” says Naseh. For organizations working in different countries, data security is an important factor while leveraging Cloud services. With uCloud™, Connectloud can seamlessly enable global enterprises to build multi-cloud environment where their data is localized to each of their offices.

In an implementation highlight, a tier- 1 banking organization was facing cost associated challenges for managing their numerous servers across their datacenter ecosystem.
With uCloud™, the client was able to optimize their Cloud services at a nominal price. To take their offerings one step ahead from the competitors, Connectloud has made robust partnerships with firms that provide a 24X7 customer support for uCloud™ installation. Connectloud has enabled myriad of organizations to replace their obsolete components with cost effective uCloud™ environment that does not require huge licensing fees. “It is about order of magnitude difference in total cost of ownership and value proposition with zero risk,” exclaims Naseh.

The services of Connectloud are not limited to its implementation, and extend to guiding the customers through the entire process. “From IT and networking management perspective, customers need to have adequate staff to manage their environment,” says Naseh. It is important for the organization as a whole that their IT administrators’ fathoms as how their environment can adapt to the software defined Cloud. “People have to polish their skills and understand the working of multitude of datacenters and cloud, and how to network them in secure fashion,” adds Naseh. The company has made a number of partnerships with tier-1 service providers to enhance their offerings and scalability.

“uCloud™ is enabling enterprises to bring the desired security and agility in their Cloud setup that promises improved return of investments”

Going ahead, Connectloud is envisioning expanding its business in the continents of Asia, Australia, and South America, and establishing more partnerships with more tier-1 organizations. In the near future, the company plans to enhance uCloud™, integrating more distinguished features to it.


Plano, TX

Zeeshan Naseh, Founder, President, & CEO

Provider of Hyper-Converged Cloud Infrastructure Software Platform that is simple,flexible, and works on any vendor hardware