Connexions: The Gateway to Efficient Digital Transformation

Raj Sahu, CEO
In this age of ‘Digital Darwinism’ businesses must be agile in meeting the ever-changing demands of the market. With the so-called ‘Amazon Effect’ grabbing the attention of incumbents across every vertical, everybody now wants to emulate the impact it has had on business models and revenue figures. The effect, however, cuts both ways— customers now expect their journey to be frictionless and immediate. As such, many of the once strong and enduring brands have become the victims of digital revolution; they need to maintain their brand loyalty and must develop a strong differentiation in the market, all the while managing profit margins which are getting narrower as a result of mounting competition. With an extensive understanding of the digital economy, Connexions is strategically empowered to boost brand loyalty, decrease cost-to-serve, and deliver tangible benefits through digitalization.

“An SAP Lighthouse partner for the S/4HANA Cloud Platform, Connexions provides services to help enterprises overcome the strategic, cultural, and operational pain points and create the perfect storm of digital disruption,” says Raj Sahu, Chief Executive Officer at Connexions. “In simple terms, we leverage SAP products— SAP Hybris and S/4HANA—to enable companies across various segments such as CPG, discrete manufacturing, automotive, wholesale distributors, and retail to embrace and shift to the digital world.”

Traditional ERP systems—the lifeblood of many B2B organizations— however, are not flexible enough to rapidly adapt to market changes or accommodate burgeoning data to deliver insights on consumer preferences, business opportunities, or operational efficiencies. What organizations need is a cloud-based ERP system through which they can quickly innovate, transform, and deliver customer-centric experiences. Moreover, emphasis on mobile-and cloud-first will also require much attention.

Connexions’ focus on SAP ERP Cloud Solution integration allows firms to take an end-to-end digital transformation approach that includes advisory, envisioning, planning, prioritizing solutions, and creating tangible value for its clients. Organizations can also utilize Connexions’ pre-built templates or ready-to-run tools for operating in modern, agile, and cloud-driven business environments and achieving strategic goals.

Connexions provides services to help enterprises overcome the strategic, cultural, and operational pain points and create the perfect storm of digital disruption

“At Connexions, our goal is to help customers understand where their company stands amongst its peers, from a brand perspective, and give them real-time access to insights that enable them to meet customer demands at the lowest cost, build on and enhance existing relationships, as well as reach out to prospective ones,” says Sahu.

The firm also allows customers to take advantage of commodity procurement and service level agreements with their B2B customers. Through data collected from multiple business channels, brands can have a 360-degree customer view to understand what is important to customers and apply those insights to deliver personalized services. “We also provide them with key performance indicators (KPIs) that are necessary to run their business, enabling them to achieve business objectives and enhance performance by knowing where the business is performing well and where there is room for improvement,” says Sahu. Once customers understand those KPIs, the firm helps them to envision plans, ensure stakeholder alignment in a coherent way, and focus on rapid execution of solutions and change management, all while following SAP best practices.

As digital transformation has morphed from a trend to a central component of the modern business strategy, Connexions continues to be at the forefront of utilizing latest technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT to support every part of a customer’s business. “We always strive to be the partner that advises clients on what is ahead of the curve, and help them prioritize and leverage innovations to drive business growth,” concludes Sahu.


Paramus, NJ

Raj Sahu, CEO

A SAP Lighthouse partner that helps businesses in achieving digital transformation goals