Construct-X: Advanced Work Packaging for Improved Project Management

Dr. Ted Blackmon, CEO
Advanced Work Packaging is being adopted for increased predictability and reliability on construction projects by companies in capital intensive industries, such as oil and gas, power, mining, chemicals, healthcare, and manufacturing. Given the size and complexity of today’s ‘mega-projects’, owners often need to hire multiple engineering and construction contractors, as well increasingly use offsite module fabricators, each having their own IT systems for project management. Relying on traditional project management approaches unnecessarily put these investments at high risk.

Construct-X’s techniques in Advanced Work Packaging provide owners with a deep level of visibility into the project–across multiple supply chain partners–without directly integrating into their proprietary systems. “Construct-X has developed an innovative approach to Advanced Work Packaging that completely separates us from our competitors,” says Dr. Ted Blackmon, the CEO of Construct X.

“We help in shaping the right blend of people, processes, and technologies, adapted into a ‘fit-for-purpose’ solution for the project. Construct-X is agnostic to the specific engineering and project management technologies in use, which facilitates an ability to not get stuck within a technology platform that can only provide a partial solution for the whole problem,” denotes Blackmon. The company then applies an oversight layer of data-driven dashboard analytics, combined with core principles in closed-loop control systems to drive a successful implementation of Advanced Work Packaging that achieves its target objectives.

Construct-X offers a structured approach to achieve alignment across the divergent needs of business processes associated with various life-cycle phases of a constructed asset. Often executed by separate companies, or separate organizational divisions within a company, these business processes are generally dictated by economical, logical, physical, and other considerations that are often in conflict with the adjoining phases.
By beginning with the end in mind, the Advanced Work Packaging process of Construct-X allows for both local business process optimizations within the life-cycle phase, while coordinating and managing the deliverables across the phases by exception, in a pull-driven system for integrated supply chain management.

The advantage of Advanced Work Packaging has been documented by the Construction Industry Institute and by the Construction Owners Association of Alberta that reported an increase in construction productivity by 25 percent and a reduction in total installation cost by 10 percent.

We help in shaping the right blend of people, processes, and technologies, adapted into a ‘fit-for-purpose’ solution for the project

As such, a project that would have previously been a $10 Billion project can be delivered for $9 Billion with Construct-X. The potential cost savings are substantial. However, of even higher consideration for owners are the benefits in increased safety, combined with decreased risk of project schedule overruns and delays.

“We are entering into a phase of business evolution where optimizing the use of increasingly scarce resources is not only of advantage, but also a necessity to compete and survive,” Blackmon conveys. “Furthermore, as organizations across the globe seek to achieve advancement and modern conveniences, it will be absolutely necessary to make better use of global resources in construction. Through this we can help achieve a realization in sustainability,” he adds. Construct-X’s mission aligns to this—by assisting companies to optimize the use of resources for the assets they build and operate. This will deliver high business value for the clients today and will translate into additional opportunities for even higher business value in the future.


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Dr. Ted Blackmon, CEO

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