Consultants 2 Go: Analytics For Better Marketing

Sandi Webster, Principal
Today, Big Data is flooded with plenty of analytical tools which, by itself, is posing a serious concern to many enterprises and their marketing functions. Addressing this concern is Consultants 2 Go (C2G), a New Jersey headquartered company led by Peggy McHale and Sandi Webster. On an interim or outsourced basis, they provide highly qualified marketing and analytic specialists who launch new products, create dashboards and reporting for marketing campaigns, evaluate and develop a comprehensive analysis of market trends, key competitors, opportunities and challenges, and deploy penetration strategies for new markets.

With the help of a strong team and advanced tools, Consultants 2 Go helps firms quickly prove the value of a Big Data analytic initiative at customized, affordable cost and risk with which firms can grow and scale as business changes. Since marketing analytics has become more competitive in recent times, Consultants 2 Go strictly adheres to its policy to provide clear-cut solutions to tackle all marketing pain points. "Enterprises and their marketing bodies are increasingly exploring avenues in analytics to provide their customers with personalized and customized marketing," says Sandi Webster Principals of Consultants 2 Go.

Marketing enterprises are embracing analytics. There has been an increase in requests irrespective of the industry. "Big Data is everywhere and rules marketing now," adds Webster. As a result,Consultants 2 Go has expanded beyond their core industries which include financial services, telecom and insurance to new verticals including consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education and various non-profit organizations.

Big Data is ruling everything right now

By utilizing Consultants 2 Go's services, marketing business units can determine their most valuable and profitable customers, define the optimal mix for customer rewards and loyalty, create the right customer contact and channel strategy, and measure the success of these programs and communication vehicles in all channels including social media.

Consultants 2 Go also provides solid tracking analyses to measure the success rates for promotional campaigns and builds custom analytic models that can help a business organization conduct "what-if" scenarios. For sales forecasting, they use rigorous time-series analysis methods and accurate forecasting techniques.

Unlike its competitors, Consultants 2 Go offers a variety of end-to-end deliverables to its clients that include services pertaining to industry assessment, new business development, new product development, direct marketing and campaign management, process management and training, partnership development, CRM and channel strategy, sales development and even executive PowerPoint presentations.

Since its inception in 2002, the company has developed a network of over 2000 consultants, all of whom are seasoned professionals. In the long run, C2G looks forward to connecting with more companies to help them use analytics in making their marketing campaigns the next big thing.

Consultants 2 Go

Newark, NJ

Sandi Webster, Principal

Provides highly qualified marketing and analytic consultants on an interim or outsourced basis