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Jamie Delsing, Managing Partner
Acquiring top talent and placing the candidates in the correct positions is crucial to business success. But can a business do just that in the middle of a skilled labor shortage? In fact, that's a major challenge most organizations face today. Addressing this challenge is Consultis, an IT staffing and services company. Consultis delivers dynamic IT workforce solutions that generate best in class talent for organizations. Founded in 1984, Consultis has been customizing scalable and flexible teams with proven ROI using a unique people-centric approach. The company's primary offering includes proprietary candidate suitability profiles that provide organizations with in-depth information on candidates to make the right hiring decision. With a firm understanding of the customer's hiring requirements, Consultis' team vets their wide-ranging IT talent pipelines to find talented and skilled candidates. "As we have been delivering IT workforce solutions for over 37 years, we understand the nitty-gritty of IT talent acquisition better than anyone," mentions Jamie Delsing, Managing Partner of the company.

What makes Consultis unique is the strong professional relationships they have developed over the years with clients and IT talent. As the company maintains long standing relationships with their clients, they can understand their requirements and find candidates with the appropriate technical expertise. More importantly, such relationships allow them to understand the client's core values, principles, and culture. For example, in order to understand the client's culture better, Consultis' client service team invests a significant amount of time learning and observing the work environment while also understanding from the stakeholders and employees about their hiring objectives. This allows Consultis' team to match candidates with the client's culture. "It is easy to match the technical requirements, but the more unique part of our job is vetting the candidate against the expectations and needs of the client," mentions Delsing.

Consultis leverages this unique vetting process called ConsultisExcellence, which is more detailed and elaborate than any of its competitors. This allows them to customize the services based on the criteria of their clients. First, the company asks the right questions to help the clients determine the exact type of skills and talent they are looking for. Then, based on the client's needs, the company conducts both contract recruitment and direct recruitment. When Consultis submits a candidate to a client, instead of sending just a copy of the resume, they provide candidate suitability profiles. This includes a detailed profile of the IT talent that can be considered as a pre-interview briefing.

As we have been delivering IT workforce for over 37 years, we understand the nitty-gritty of talent acquisition better than anyone

The profile consists of a resume, certificates, and candidate responses to validate the skills, salary expectations, salary history, and much more.

In one instance, a financial company approached Consultis to help them hire a Business Analyst. First, Consultis’ client services team visited the client worksite observed the company's work environment, and learned their needs, goals, and culture. Afterwards, Consultis reviewed their wide-ranging talent pool for qualified candidates with a firm knowledge of the client's criteria. After vetting them for core technical requirements and strong communication skills, Consultis Excellence came up with three standout IT professionals for the client. As all candidates stood out equally, the client decided to choose one who best satisfied their expectations and extended an offer. Delsing adds, “Not only did they hire the Business Analyst, but over time they engaged with us to build their entire IT department.”

Such success stories stem from Consultis' commitment to realizing their client's diverse hiring requirements with the utmost perfection. The company's recruiting team plays a predominant role in achieving this result in record time. Their team goes above and beyond to find the right team members and create a fun and supportive work environment for them. "Our employees should fit into our tank," mentions Delsing. Their unique work culture that focuses on the theme of FISH—an acronym for Fun, Innovative, Savvy, and Hardworking—gives them the framework of a top-ranking IT workforce solutions company. Moving ahead, the company plans to diversify its business into the creative-digital marketing arena as it fits well with the IT workforce. As a family-owned business, Delsing along with her mother, Barbara Dettman Fleming will continue to grow in the years to come. Dettman Fleming, not a stranger to the staffing industry, inherited her knowledge from her father, Leroy Dettman. Leroy pioneered the staffing business in 1947 out of Chicago, Il. “I will continue to carry-on the roots of our family business within the IT sector, after all its in my blood,”says Jamie.


Boca Raton, FL

Jamie Delsing, Managing Partner

Consultis delivers dynamic IT workforce solutions that generate exceptional talent for organizations