Contegix: Data Center Solutions that Goes Beyond Just Support

Matthew Porter, CEO & Co-Founder
In recent times, many mid-market companies have shown urgency towards the adoption of cloud computing, software defined networking and data center virtualization solutions. This convulsive shift—rapid deployment of data center services like collocation, hosting, backup and disaster recovery solutions are indicative of firms’ need to drive more efficiency in data centers and establish digital presence. “Many mid-market and Fortune 500 and 1000 companies are trying to burst out of their traditional and internal IT environment. While trying to achieve this, these firms are not only focused on physical security aspects of data centers but also on issues around cyber security, policy and procedure compliance,” says Matthew Porter, CEO and Co-Founder, Contegix. Missouri-based firm, Contegix is a technology infrastructure expert that caters to data center requirements of organizations by offering an array of world-class hosting, cloud computing, compliance and managed services. With its intangible ‘Go Beyond policy,’ the company operates with a philosophy of giving back the customers their time and IT talent by negating complexities in data center infrastructure and enterprise applications.

Contegix’s solutions enable customers discover the best strategy to fulfill their business needs. The company’s hosting solutions are commonly sought by clients looking for HIPAA compliance, outsourced IT infrastructure, creation of a test environment and disaster recovery plan. Contegix’s HIPAA compliant hosting options empower healthcare enterprises with a strong foundation of compute storage and cloud, while relocating their server environment into a fully redundant and secure data center. Upon deployment of this hosting solution, customers experience significant reduction in their capital and operational costs, guaranteed online and offline data protection, and lastly network and power uptime. Additionally, Contegix renders web-based database platform for database (DBaaS) application providers a simple point-and-click interface that enables them to manage load balancing, scaling, failover and data backup.

For customers who deliver SaaS applications, Contegix through its private and hybrid cloud and collocation solutions, help reach out to the market quickly, without the need for complex system administration. The firm’s data center is built-in redundancy to protect critical systems and has a load capacity of 18MW, generator backup, tight security features, and metro area fiber loop that provides access to additional providers if needed.
“Our company is focused on eliminating glitches in infrastructure aspects of data center such as power consumption and cooling to help customers balance out storage and computing needs,” adds Porter. “Our team of dedicated engineers who work in conjunction to our solutions are a valuable asset to our organization who play immense role in driving value for client’s business.”

Contegix is focused on eliminating glitches in physical aspects of data center such as power consumption and cooling to help customers balance out storage and computing needs

Contegix holds a unique stature in the industry for delivering incremental success to clients’ businesses and helping them negate data center complexities. For instance, Chico, a renowned retail business had signed with a well-known cloud service provider to run their customer information analytics system. The client wanted to move their entire infrastructure to collocation data center and also choose specific machines and configurations that were appropriate to run their software. The custom cloud from Contegix boosted the client’s software performance with hardware choices outside the scope of typical infrastructure-as-a-service offerings.

The success stories of Contegix stand as a testament to the functionality of its solutions and benefits of its services to the customers. Going forward, Contegix plans on expanding geographically beyond St. Louis and Dallas on its quest to fill the gaps in mid-market region with innovative data center and cloud services. “We are working to introduce solutions that are capable of merging private and public cloud in data centers with security, consistent user friendly features and disaster recovery options,” concludes Porter.


Saint Louis, MO

Matthew Porter, CEO & Co-Founder

The Company focuses on eliminating glitches in physical aspects of data center such as power consumption and cooling to help customers balance out storage and computing needs.