Contemporary Computer Services: Enabling Cyber-secured Businesses

John R Riconda, CEO
A locked web screen saying, “Oops, your files have been encrypted!” marked a watershed moment and a wakeup call for businesses worldwide. With the evolution of cyberattacks, ransomware has climbed the malware ranks posing a threat for every type of business. With the current cyber security loopholes attributing to infiltration, “If an organization thinks they are protected, they are naïve,” says John R Riconda, CEO of Contemporary Computer Services, Inc. (CCSI). A provider of technology services and solutions, CCSI seized this opportunity to assist an array of businesses across the globe with the finest quality cyber security solutions. The company is built on the belief that the key to mitigating risk is to detect the infiltration as fast as possible. In doing so, the company specializes in providing managed data backup among other IT infrastructure solutions such as cloud-based solutions for equipping organizations with future-ready threat protection.

At CCSI, the team eliminates a cookie-cutter approach when designing IT solutions, providing a seamless solution for diverse infrastructure needs. While ensuring IT infrastructure is up and running, the company’s discovery process encompasses the entire spectrum from data centers to network infrastructure and more. As data is critical for business functioning today, CCSI offers cloud backup and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solutions that enable organizations to get operational within a few hours after a disaster strikes, ensuring fast recovery of business-critical applications, and minimal data loss. Harnessing the best and the latest technology, CCSI replicates customer data into the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. The company enables an efficient recovery and restoration to drive out any downtime that can cause the businesses to lose customers affecting their sales and bottom-line. The team analyzes the client’s environment, and captures nightly snapshots and configuration of the entire system— including network diagrams, IP addressing schemes, and access rights—and restores the system with the latest snapshot when necessary.
Depending on the required timeframe for complete recovery, CCSI delivers cloud solutions that best fit a client’s needs and resumes business operations in as early as one hour.

We listen to clients, identify their needs, and find solutions that best meet the needs for the long-term

With decades of experience in provisioning hardware and software support in IT, CCSI promises to deliver 24/7 monitoring services that allow organizations to respond to every security alert swiftly. Using CCSI’s advanced detection techniques, their clients can detect and track any connection and activity with a remote server. This allows detecting and isolating the affected machines, thereby, protecting the entire network and stopping major disruptions or a total catastrophe.

Riconda explains the value proposition of CCSI’s cloud backup and cloud-based recovery services by illustrating an instance, where in they were proceeding with business acquisition deals with a law firm. Riconda realized he could not reach their client to close the deal only to find out they had a major IT issue. The client’s data was encrypted and destroyed resulting in massive losses. “This is where our backup services act as the life blood. Our offering readily brings back the client online during such instances, whenever or wherever disaster strikes,” says Riconda.

CCSI has already proved its eminence in assisting small and medium businesses to understand the security guidelines and the standards required by the law and to implement the best solution. Following a service-centric model, “We listen to clients, identify their requirements, and suggest solutions that best meet the needs for the long-term. We let them decide the best fit operationally, and then perform the implementation part,” says the CEO.

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John R Riconda, CEO

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