ConteXtream: Transforming Network Functions through a SDN Based Approach

CIO Vendor Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is undoubtedly a promising and practical solution to some of the urgent concerns in the networking sector. The technology enables flexible networking capabilities and smooth connectivity across complex networks. However, there is more room for improvement, for example, Carrier SDN solutions should be increasingly scalable. The present customers are demanding that all their services should be on multiple endpoints. Therefore, with the number of subscriber endpoints exceeding the carrier grade, SDN infrastructure should have the capability to function in sync with the wide range of requirements. With a different approach towards SDN, the Mountain view, CA headquartered ConteXtream, is all set to transform the SDN and Networking sector by addressing these concerns.
ConteXtream, led by Nachman Shelef, Co-founder and CEO, is a privately held company focusing on the SDN sector so as to enable carriers to deliver network capacity and functions in an exceptional manner.
The SDN capabilities at ConteXtream are carrier-grade, and enables Network Function Virtualization for solutions included in a carrier network.

ContexNet, the firm’s Carrier-SDN solution, has been made a part of multiple tier-1 operators, and provides a distributed software-defined-networking fabric wherein operators could easily incorporate a range of network functions for materializing effective services for subscribers.

The alarming amount of traffic on a mobile network has been a roadblock for most of the service providers, and ConteXtream has come forward with a unique solution that specifically addresses this issue, called the ConteXtream Gi-Lan.
The ConteXtream Gi-LAN solution is a proven approach that is already in production in many Tier-1 mobile operator networks, delivering services to millions of LTE/HSPA+ Smartphone customers. The Gi-Lan powered mobile networks are empowered with all the benefits of network virtualization including lower cost hardware, improved resource utilization, enhanced service agility and others.

ConteXtream is backed by renowned investors with Benhamou Global Ventures, Gemini Israel Funds, Norwest Venture Partners and Sofinnova Ventures being a few among them.


A privately held software-defined-networking (SDN) company that enables carriers to deliver network capacity and functions in the same way cloud providers deliver applications effectively utilizing standard compute and storage.