Contingent: Efficiently Managing On-Demand Services in the Global Market Space

CIO VendorMark Stuhlreyer, President & CEO
Businesses nowadays are embracing technology at an unprecedented rate. For instance, a retail chain operating at various locations uses technology to enhance the customer experience, improve efficiency and stay connected across the network with other locations. Due to this, there arises the challenge of delivering managed networks and responding to on-site repair and maintenance requests. Traditional outlets have increasingly failed to deliver the need of the hour, and as a result, many companies are turning towards managed service providers who can provide sophisticated, integrated network solutions as a lifeline for the business.

Eliminating Legacy Methods to Offer a “Service of Choice”

Falling in this category, providing end-to-end network integration and managed WAN services is Contingent. Headquartered in Ohio, Contingent designs, deploys and supports the highest quality data and voice communications networks and systems through a single point of contact. On the managed network side, the firm offers a ‘service of choice’ to enterprises that cannot get what they need from the traditional outlets. This has been the feature of Contingent right from its inception; to eliminate the influence of legacy methods and disrupt the current industry through continuous innovation by adopting various design, deployment and integrative approaches. Field services such as IT deployment and on-site support are also offered as standalone services or in conjunction with managed network services.
A Timely Service

The firm has launched a managed telecommunications platform called Always-ON Network Monitoring. This tailor-designed platform facilitates WAN connectivity for in store voice and data networks designed to fit respective client needs ensuring high speed, security and reliability. The firm provisions service from 200 different carriers providing minimum bandwidth and uptime connection circuits with zero capital investment.

Offered as a separate service or in conjunction with the Always-ON services, Contingent offers rapid response on-site installation and repair known as the ON-Demand suite of services. Unlike traditional agreements, it is specifically designed for clients who require timely visits for repair issues without complying with any obligatory exercises or contractual agreements. In addition, this request based service guarantees on-site arrival worldwide in as little as two hours. “It would not be unusual for us to deploy a new POS platform to 1000 retail stores in six weeks”, says Mark Stuhlreyer, President & CEO, Contingent. Once the new installation equipment is received from the manufacturers, the logistics team at Contingent configures, assembles, and tests at their Cincinnati facility. The tested equipment then is shipped to various locations where the respective technicians operate by uninstalling the old and reinstalling the new equipment. The service also allows the clients to choose from numerous arrival intervals across multiple skill levels and various software, hardware and infrastructure certifications.

Upcoming Strategies

Contingent’s success is through providing IT services to the headquarters of various enterprises in sectors involving retail along with restaurant chains, auto dealerships, banks and financial firms making the count. The firm has been growing organically over the past few years, has plotted an aggressive marketing and sales program, and continues to push forward in its acquisition strategy.


Mark Stuhlreyer, President & CEO

Contingent is a global IT services company specializing in Managed Secure Wide Area Networks,Network Integration, Logistics & Maintenance for large enterprises