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Keith Erwood, Owner, CEO & Principal Consultant
According to ABI Research, the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) market has grown from $24.3 billion in 2009 to $39 billion this year. Many foresee it easily reaching $55 billion by 2020 if trends like cloud computing and virtualization remain equipollent. Amidst such market changes, more SMBs are adopting these trends to foster higher growth. At this evolutionary stage, CIOs reveal that there are significant challenges such as aligning IT with business processes and erratic return on investment of implementing BCDR solutions. Continuity Co helps business overcome these challenges by facilitating discussions between business process owners and IT. “We successfully expedite meetings during the business impact analysis phase, wherein both parties leave in agreement and convergence of common goals,” states Keith Erwood, Owner, CEO, and Principal Consultant, Continuity.

Continuity Co provides business impact analysis tools to accurately determine the actual dollar impact of disruptions to the client’s business. “We help organizations enhance resilience by bringing reductions in Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs),” says Erwood.

With unmatched contingency planning and recovery services, Continuity Co empowers clients to perform and operate efficiently in the wake of business disruptions, and crisis. “We do not just offer pre-crisis planning, but we work with our clients during and after an event to ensure that they can operate effectively,” asserts Erwood. The company provides services including Risk Assessments and Management, Business Continuity Planning, and Disaster Recovery to help businesses mitigate risk and have a better management plan. “Our Business Continuity Managed Service, assists clients in implementing complete plans and programs for training, testing, and exercising effective business emergency management,” reveals Erwood. Furthermore, the company offers recovery services like alternate worksites, global logistics capabilities, and power backup solutions.

Another significant characteristic of Continuity Co is that, it has a unique approach in offering disaster supplies for maintaining the client’s supply inventory. “Our Continuity Ark is proficiently designed for effective disaster supply management,” states Erwood.
“Our clients are offered planning tools and direct consultations that assist them in getting the required supplies for adequate and safe utilization.” Additionally, added features such as remote monitoring and onsite inspection keeps businesses alert to proactively manage the disaster supplies.

Continuity Co has been instrumental in helping clients have robust disaster preparedness procedures to maintain business continuity—anywhere, anytime, and under any condition. For instance, one of Continuity’s clients, a large national retailer, had no offsite disaster recovery system for their critical payment processing system. As the retailer generates revenue of about $1 billion per year, a downtime in payment processing system resulted in losses of $2.7 million per day. Continuity Co worked with the client to find a suitable location to place an offsite server and leveraged vendors to install applications and failover capabilities. In the end, the client had a fully functional offsite recovery solution with complete national failover capabilities within a short period of time—resulting in zero loss of transactions due to server loss.

We do not just offer pre-crisis planning, but we work with our clients during and after an event to ensure that they can operate effectively

Moving forward, Continuity Co is focused on delivering scalable solutions to stand out in the BCDR space. With a centralized approach and fostering a culture of innovation, the company is working on several interesting initiatives—one of which is an advanced cyber threat assessment tool that is customized for clients to detect potential threats before they occur. Likewise, in terms of geographical expansion, Continuity Co is planning to increase its presence nationally in several aspects including recovery workspace. “We plan on having the largest amount of accessible workspaces for our clients,” concludes Erwood.

Continuity CO

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Keith Erwood, Owner, CEO & Principal Consultant

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