Continuity Software: Preventing Outages in IT Infrastructure through AvailabilityGuard

Gil Hecht, Founder & CEO
IT organizations are undergoing a significant transformation ever since virtualization has become a central part of IT operations. “Although VMware is the dominant virtualization platform, most organizations possess a heterogeneous IT environment with multiple technologies in place,” says Gil Hecht, Founder and CEO, Continuity Software. In this highly volatile environment, IT teams have to ensure the stability and reliability of their critical business services. “Today, most of the organizations lack the tools to understand the potential business impact of configuration changes across IT domains,” he adds.

With its headquarters in New York, NY, Continuity Software is a provider of IT Operations Analytics solutions for infrastructure outage prevention. AvailabilityGuard, the company’s flagship product, enables the IT teams to proactively identify and eliminate single-points-of-failure before they can impact the business. The product allows VMware teams to correct inconsistencies and deviations from best practices related to configuration, network settings, VM host configuration, and various other issues that can impact the operation of critical business services. This solution empowers the organizations to manage changes with confidence and provide a consistent level of service availability in a highly dynamic environment.

“Most organizations lack visibility to the cross-domain aspects of their infrastructure, and are exposed to hidden risks that cannot be identified by the standard monitoring tools delivered by single platform vendors,” says Hecht. AvailabilityGuard enables VMware teams to gain visibility into all layers that support the virtual infrastructure. Continuity Software allows IT organizations to ensure the highest level of service by predicting and preventing potential failures before they impact the business.“AvailabilityGuard supports IT executives with valuable insights and visibility to help them make smarter decisions and optimize IT operations,” says Hecht.

AvailabilityGuard provides IT executives with valuable insights and visibility to help them make smarter decisions and optimize IT operations

Continuity Software’s customer base includes many of the world’s largest organizations across verticals, including financial services, retail, telecommunications and utilities. The company has garnered strong acclamation for steering their customers toward unparalleled success by ensuring 24/7 service availability. In one instance, a leading U.S. banks serving millions of customers had no visibility to the implications presented by the IT team’s modifications on the overall stability, service availability, and Disaster Recovery (DR) readiness of critical systems. The bank’s team opted for AvailabilityGuard for protecting the bank against service availability risks.

The flexibility of the solution allowed the bank to seamlessly adapt the solution to support the availability assurance processes established by the organization. After the effective implementation of AvailabilityGuard, the bank was able to reduce downtime and data loss risks by over 70 percent and also decreased the time spent on resolving issues by over 50 percent. “Our solution provided a unified platform that detects availability risks across all IT domains, enabling collaboration among the various IT teams,” says Hecht.

“Though our solutions are unique, we don’t rest on our laurels, but on the contrary, we are continually looking for new ways to improve our solutions and deliver more value to our customers,” says Hecht. For example, Continuity Software is currently investing resources to support the transition toward the software-defined data center, including integration with tools that enable automated provisioning, orchestration, and control of IT systems.

Continuity Software

New York, NY

Gil Hecht, Founder & CEO

Provider of IT Operations Analytics solutions that enable IT teams to proactively identify single-points-of-failure, eliminate outages, and enforce IT best practices

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