Continuum Analytics: Taking Python to New Heights

CIO VendorTravis Oliphant, CEO
Big data is termed as theelectricity of the twenty-first century.It has the potential for a complete transformationof places where it is implemented,be they business, government or others. Present-day enterprises use data as the platform to run their processes, and there is no disputing the fact that big data enables unprecedented insights into the overall process as well as implementation of new ideas. However, it remains a concern that about eighty percent of the current data is unstructured, and this number is expected to continue growing at an alarming rate owing to the large volumes of input data.This scenario is what paved the way for the founding of Continuum Analytics, a provider of open technologies for massive level data integration, data storage, analytics, and visualization. To facilitate next-generation data analysis tools, there has been a special focus on taking Python, the popular programming language, to new levels.

Based in Austin, TX, Continuumdelivers software tools, training, and integration/consulting services to corporate, government, and educational enterprises located across the globe. Areas of expertise include geophysics, finance, business and marketing advanced analytics, as well as data science and machine learning.The company’s products can be utilized in a wide range of industries, besides the niche areas that form the basis of Continuum’s expertise.

Led by Travis Oliphant, CEO and Co-founder, and Peter Wang, President and Co-founder, Continuum is a group of experts with decades of experience in dealing with complex real-life scenarios. While still a young company, Continuum has already servedmain-streamclients including HP, Microsoft, Cisco, JP Morgan, Bank of America, and others.
Services In a Nutshell

The most popular among the growing line of Continuum products is Anaconda Server, an enterprise-grade Python distribution that simplifies Python deployment and management across an organization. With this server, it is an easy task to manage third-party dependencies and streamline the code development, test, and release cycle. Furthermore, the server can be installed internally, disconnected from the cloud. Many large companies rely upon Anaconda Server, which supports thousands of open source packages, while managing the deployment of Python as well as internal packages behind firewalls and proxies, through integration tools and support.

Continuum’s other products include Wakari Enterprise, which enables easy access to data and sophisticated visualizations through its web-based UI, IoPro, an optimized, memory-efficient Python interface for databases, and Accelerate, an optimized library for easily utilizing GPUs and multi-core CPUs from Python.

Continuum also delivers Python training to individuals as well as corporate customers. “Our teaching methods demonstrate the strength of the Continuum platform. We show how a single platform can be used to serve a variety of real-world data-management, data-analytics, and data-visualization tasks,” says Oliphant on the company’s training offerings.

The Road Ahead

Continuum is confident of a bright future, and plans to concentrate on consolidation of their products and collaborations and improved demonstrations of the value they bring. “We are just beginning to shine as we have been building core technologies that make amazing things possible. We look forward to strengthening our sales and marketing efforts as we grow our operations around the world,” added Oliphant.

Continuum Analytics

Travis Oliphant, CEO

A provider of software, training, and consulting for high performance computing and data visualization using Python