Native Document Management

Kris Taylor, Co-founder & CEO
In the fast moving world today, new marketing channels emerge within short timeframes—requiring enterprises to embrace innovative technologies that effectively promote sales. To that end, a robust document management system that can consolidate, store, and access documents makes the overall process simpler, faster, and productive. In this light, Kris Taylor, CEO, and John McKenney, CTO, Co-founded (CCC) with a goal to disrupt the Document Management System (DMS) industry standards. With decades of combined expertise in the Salesforce arena and electronic document management systems, they have developed intuitive ways to manage documents within the Salesforce platform. Being a company which has Salesforce in its DNA, CCC designs and develops native (SFDC) applications that improve the document management experience.

As customers, the duo knew that SFDC lacked the version management features the SMB Market required, so they decided to leave their current roles behind and build a robust cloud-native Document Management System. The result was— Air cDMS, a solution on SFDC’s App Cloud platform. “Air cDMS is the first fully-native Document Management and Version Control system for App Cloud,” states Taylor.

Air cDMS, an App Exchange Package, enables enterprises to store, view, and retrieve Salesforce documents and attachments easily. Air cDMS can also track file changes during the various stages of the document lifecycle. The highly customizable solution seamlessly integrates with enterprise platforms— supporting every Salesforce and App Cloud license types and editions. “The coolest functionality of Air cDMS is its capability to integrate seamlessly with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Records,” adds the CTO. “We build all our solutions on Salesforce platform so that our clients have the base foundation for the next five years of their development with no worries of migration.”

“Innovation is at the heart of CCC. The Air Explorer navigation component in the cDMS is a testimony to that,” says McKenney. Air Explorer is a tree-based navigation component for SFDC, providing a simple, fast, and flexible navigation interface.
John McKenney, Co-founder & CTO

The simple-to-use component has unique capabilities to version-control every file, enabling users to store and retrieve information in Vaults, Drawers, and Folders. “The automation we have coupled with Air Explorer ensures that only the documents and folders attached to Salesforce records are pulled out in the navigation,” remarks McKenney. This makes the overall process of information search simple, fast, and effective for Salesforce users. Furthermore, enterprises can integrate AE with SFDC apps, including Marketing Cloud, in just one-click.

Air cDMS is the first fully-native Document Management and Version Control system for App Cloud

Targeting record and system administrators, CCC offers innate features like Version Scope, customizable rules for Document Versioning, and Retention Policies that control document archives. The company also appropriately understands C-suite executives’ security concerns over API applications. “We address this by offering native solutions. Our Architecture is built on the foundation that our customers can extend all facets of Air cDMS without requiring any API,” asserts McKenney.

The company fosters a work culture where every employee is encouraged to contribute innovative ideas. This enables the firm to constantly roll out innovative technologies. Founded less than a year ago, CCC is carefully planning its roadmap— ensuring quality improvements to Air cDMS Applications. “We listen to our customers before we over-engineer on the front-end, which allow us to focus on the next big release,” concludes Taylor.


Wilmington, DE

Kris Taylor, Co-founder & CEO and John McKenney, Co-founder & CTO

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