Control Technology Solutions: Enhancing Asset and IT Service Management

Jonathan Baffa, President
The IBM partner ecosystem hosts a number of designated players, which from the tech behemoth’s perspective aims to widen its reach to solution seekers. From the ‘resellers’ standpoint, the partnership is an opportunity to incorporate a unique value proposition into their offerings. Arizona based Control Technology Solutions (CTS), led by President Jonathan Baffa offers among its varied IT services, complete asset and IT service management as it endorses IBM’s product offering for the same.

IBM’s Maximo offering has always been a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution. It offers specialized modules for sectors ranging from nuclear and life sciences to government, with specific add-ons such as Special Assets Management, Calibration and Asset Configuration Manager. Under the radar of ITSM, IBM’s Control Desk proves to be a valuable player with IT centric services such as powerful analytics, incident and change management. As an IBM software reseller, Control Technology Solutions'complementary add-on platform softWrench incorporates ease of use and personalization into IBM’s leading asset management product Maximo. CTS also endorses IBM’s SmartCloud and TRURUGA. CTS softWrench is an IBM certified configurable user portal that can be integrated with Maximo, Control Desk or other systems of record. CTS asserts to have opted for IBM offerings for its scope, flexibility and proven ROI.

The softWrench offering can be integrated into an existing EAM or ITSM solution and as well be deployed on-cloud. At times when imparting user friendliness into complex solutions is a need, and a trend, softWrench’s brand tagline states ‘Maximo Simplified’. The user interface being a key softWrench component enables clients to easily create configurable user views wherein its dynamic menu changes the input required based on previous response.
The softWrench dashboard in addition to its customizability, also addresses the need for analytics for actionable insights. It ships with eight dynamic dashboard elements which allow users to easily customize data elements into charts, pivot tables, data cards and so on.

Apart from the simplicity perspective, mobility and cross device compatibility are aspects that solution seekers nowadays ‘take for granted’. From a solutions provider’s perspective this has led to an increasing concern over security. softWrench being designed with Web 2.0 technology, coupled with its ability to scale over secure cloud environments, is an all-round asset management entity. softWrench's ability to apply client specific branding is an endorsement to its customization capabilities. The branding feature would impart a sense of personalization among the offering’s prospective users.

CTS’ softWrench Work Order Pro further complements Maximo by streamlining business process tasks across service requests, communication and work order completion. The IBM certified portal is delivered as a package that includes licenses, support and training. Additionally, softWrench Communications Manager provides an Outlook style mail feature that allows to viewing of all communications associated with a trouble ticket, work order or service request.

CTS, to widen the spectrum of its portfolio pertaining to asset management and IT services, offers managed hosting and Software-as-a-Service offerings alongside complete support and training. The company adopts a ‘train the trainer’ model for its clients wherein they provide training to one or two groups of intended client super users who would then pass it along to the end users. CTS will continue to offer the ability to rapidly implement and support clients while maintaining an agile and simplified approach to their business transformation.

Control Technology Solutions

Scottsdale, AZ

Jonathan Baffa, President

Reseller of IBM’s software based solutions