ConvergeOne: Delivering Agility in IT

John A. McKenna Jr., Chairman & CEO
In today’s evolving IT arena, enterprises in their attempts to mine insights from mountain of data often realize that the availability of a wide range of products and solutions can sometimes be a big hurdle. Identifying the vacuum for a unified solutions provider in the constantly transforming technology landscape, Eagan, MN based ConvergeOne stages an ecosystem that renders seamless support for enterprises. Specializing in communications and data—the crucial realms of IT—the company contemplates every option available to resolve complex issues in a streamlined manner. “ConvergeOne is at the forefront of delivering the best communications and data services and solutions in the market,” highlights John McKenna, Chairman and CEO, ConvergeOne.

Founded in 2005, ConvergeOne stepped into the market looking to empower its clients with best-of-breed solutions. Not long since inception, the firm sensed the industry’s growing inclination toward IP-based networking and prepared itself to make the most of this opportunity. Over the years, the firm has forged various partnerships focused on administering versatility in business operations. These years have also witnessed the firm expanding its support for customers into areas such as cloud, data center virtualization and security.

ConvergeOne’s expertise in the diverse platforms was further fortified after they signed into a partnership with IBM. Acting as a window of opportunity, the partnership has only solidified over a duration of 20 years, allowing ConvergeOne to deliver maximum value to its clients. Endowed with a highly skilled and certified workforce along with IBM’s world-class support and maintenance services, ConvergeOne develops software and power systems intended to be deployed across modern data centers. This helps customers to reduce the amount of outages and ensure system availability on a large scale. Furthermore, aiming to improve the overall quality of services delivered, the firm offers regular upgrades for its software deployed over a large customer base.

ConvergeOne is at the forefront of delivering the best communications and data services and solutions in the market

Acknowledging the company’s proficiency, IBM, this year, recognized ConvergeOne for being the best Power Systems Specialty Business Partner.

Joining forces with IBM, ConvergeOne delivers storage solutions designed as per the unique requirements of a customer. As data today is considered a prime factor that drives major enterprise operations, implementing a storage option embedded with a wide array of features becomes a necessity. Leveraging IBM’s disk storage systems that provide efficient solutions such as real-time compression and thin provisioning, ConvergeOne affords its clients the highest bytes-per-dollar possible. These storage solutions stand true on their cost efficiency promise particularly due to the fact that these disk storage systems are also capable of working as hybrid storage solutions. In a bid to boost versatility by employing every option available, the firm’s IBM-based offerings also include tapes and flash storages. Moreover, trying to keep abreast with the best and the latest in the industry, ConvergeOne identifies the current practices involved in the storage arena and has introduced IBM Software Defined Storage—a smart software-based management option for enterprises dealing with colossal amount of data.

ConvergeOne injects innovation across multiple industries, while persistently holding a prominent position with IBM in the modern technological era. Envisioning the company’s future, McKenna says, “Our commitment to further develop the core strategic areas of our business will help us stay ahead of the curve in continuing to be a valued and trusted advisor to our customers.”


Eagan, MN

John A. McKenna Jr., Chairman & CEO

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