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Sam Collingwood, Co-founder & COO
Working together in harmony SEO, PPC, E-mail, content marketing and social media advertising have become essential tools of the savvy digital marketing manager. In the last decade, digital marketers have focused less on the quantity of website traffic and more on the quality.

The digital space has grown very quickly and with large, traditional marketing companies focusing on profit-margin and their stock price, they usually offer cookie cutter, one size fits all solutions for their small to medium size clients. These programs lack flexibility, customization, and dedicated digital marketing analysts and account managers.

“Many clients who choose large agencies just don’t get the support, focus and attention that they need,” says Sam Collingwood, Co-Founder and COO, Conversion Pipeline. “When we provide a digital marketing solution, especially to small and medium size businesses, it is a custom, holistic approach with dedicated resources constantly managing and optimizing their campaigns. We are not a set it and forget it company.”

Conversion Pipeline is a Premier Google Partner and their marketing leaders are all Google certified. These digital marketing strategists combined with a team of expert developers and web designers make Conversion Pipeline a powerhouse digital marketing agency, offering a holistic approach with expertise in website design, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, content marketing and just about any online marketing need.

The entire point of marketing, no matter what marketing vehicle is used, is to meet business goals through conversions. Conversions take many forms, from inbound phone calls, to form submissions and increased brand searches. It’s Conversion Pipeline’s focus on conversions and achieving business goals that sets them apart from other agencies.

After a full SEO audit and scan is performed on the website, technical and design changes will be executed to ensure the site is visually appealing, easy for search engines to index, conversions can be tracked, and the visitors can quickly find what they are looking for.

A Premier Google Partner with a team of expert marketers and web designers, Conversion Pipeline is a powerhouse digital marketing agency

“To ensure a successful digital marketing campaign the client’s website must be search engine friendly, technically sound and have clear calls-to-action and navigational paths,” explains Collingwood.

When Conversion Pipeline was hired as the CMO for one of the largest landscape supply companies on the east coast they found a fragmented marketing strategy, ineffective PPC campaigns, and a website with a very high bounce rate and no conversion tracking. Conversion Pipeline immediately terminated low converting campaigns, boosted seasonal social media advertising on facebook, designed new landing pages and completely overhauled their Google and Bing Advertising campaigns. All of this was done in concert with designing and launching a new e-commerce website.

Shortly after the launch of their new website, online conversions increased 112 percent, page views increased, time on site increased, bounce rates dropped and ultimately online sales increased over 300 percent. “Everything increased, not only the traffic but the conversion and ultimately the revenue thanks to our ability to unify their marketing, increase brand awareness, optimize their advertising campaigns and promote their easy to use e-commerce website,” states Collingwood.

As a Premier Google Partner with close ties to other key global and local industry leaders, Conversion Pipeline is quick to adopt new technologies and trends to help give their clients a competitive edge. “Being connected closely with these partners helps us understand changes in our industry and adapt new technologies correctly the first time. Executing cutting-edge marketing and advertising solutions while providing our clients with stellar service and support will continue to fuel our growth and solidify our leadership position in our industry.

Conversion Pipeline

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Sam Collingwood, Co-founder & COO

A digital marketing agency helping small businesses elevate their brand awareness and generate revenue.

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