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Ido Bornstein-HaCohen, CEO We reside in an era that is turning science fiction stories into tangible reality; selfdriving cars, artificial intelligence, and advanced automation. However, when it comes to customer engagement, brands have faltered in translating futuristic theories into practice. Despite knowing the pitfalls of engaging with customers over the phone, on live chat, via SMS, and even through their websites, brands have been struggling to find a better solution for striking continuous, convenient, and persistent customer conversations.

The Present and Future of Customer Experience is a Two-Way Conversation

Today, customers wish to interact with brands in the same way they interact with their family and friends— through messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Business, as well as Google Business Messages and Apple Business Chat. Consumers demand two-way communication at their own convenience, eliminating the archaic, neverending phone tree and long wait times.

However, the path to achieving one-to-one, scalable conversational customer experience is far from straight forward. At a time when COVID-19 has drastically changed everything, brands are struggling to increase their online presence and provide great customer experiences without the exploding costs. Most brands are stuck with legacy customer service channels like live chat, email and phone, and struggle to implement messaging as a result. However, to provide great CX in today's climate, it is easiest through a customer’s preferred channel of communication: messaging.

"Conversocial enables brands to transform their customer experiences through its conversational CX platform and offer a two-way proactive engagement engine"

Making its mark in the new era of customer experience, Conversocial offers the expertise and technology that empowers brands by combining the power of agents and bots within a single platform, while significantly reducing costs and enhancing productivity. Conversocial’s conversational CX platform transforms customer experiences and offers a proactive, two-way engagement engine.

“We were quick to realize that in order for brands to be able to provide great customer experience, while still managing costs and content, messaging is a disruptive opportunity. Conversocial knows and understands messaging better than anybody else in the industry, both from a breadth perspective and a depth standpoint,” states Ido Bornstein- HaCohen, CEO, Conversocial.

Making Customer Engagement Simpler

Conversocial’s platform enables its brand partners to seamlessly engage customers across their lifecycle — from acquisition to customer care — over messaging channels. Delivering superior experiences, the platform helps foster more customer loyalty and higher customer value. Conversocial has established strategic partnerships with the world’s leading messaging app providers such as Facebook, Apple, and Google, so rather than using traditional, omnichannel strategies for customer communications, their approach focuses on utilizing channels that billions of people across the world already use to connect.

We not only support clients to reach out to their customers but also help them redefine their processes and the existing use cases for enhanced efficiency and better outcomes

Conversocial does this with a four-pillar approach.

1. Empowered Agents (on Messaging Channels)

Conversocial’s Agent Workspace gives brand agents the tools to deliver exceptional service. It employs a rules-based routing system to automatically distribute conversations based on intent, to the right individual (i.e., team or bot), which allows agents to concentrate on the most important and relevant conversations. The platform also provides a full history of previous conversations, to put each interaction into a wider context and ensure a more informed response. In fact, the Agent Workspace is embedded with features like auto-complete for agents when typing. “Our system reads from agents’ previous responses for similar contexts and then suggests texts based on that,” says Bornstein-HaCohen.

2. Automation at Scale

After acquiring the pioneering messaging automation platform Assist in 2019, Conversocial’s platform expanded to have industry-leading capabilities to build bots across major messaging apps all from a single source. The system is developed to ensure “sorry, I don’t understand” is a response confined to the past. With adaptive, flexible, and dynamic conversations, well-built bots interact like real agents - navigating chats without a predefined path. It also means no more awkward agent handoffs. The seamlessly integrated agent-assisted service knows when to resolve and when human intervention is required. It allows for a more efficient flow in customer interactions, leaving human agents to concentrate on the most pressing issues.

3. Conversational CX

Brands don’t just have to be reactive when it comes to a customer’s immediate needs; Conversocial’s Notify — a two-way communication engine — turns messaging into a proactive channel.

“One of the main things that impacts messaging and customer experience success is the level of effort that the customer has to go through. The higher the level of effort, the more chances are that the customer is not going to remain loyal. So, we empower brands to remain proactive,” adds Bornstein-HaCohen.

Sending the right message, at the right time, to the right person, makes for an exceptional experience and can be effectively employed throughout a customer’s lifecycle. Personalized re-engagement is the key here. By combining real-time customer data and third-party integrations, Conversocial’s knowledge center can really become another arm to a brand’s marketing operation.

4. Data Driven Decision Making

To help companies gain a better understanding of their customer interaction performance, Conversocial’s platform offers a full suite of reporting tools. They measure the quantitative and qualitative data from customer feedback, while providing the ability to compare the current efforts against traditional channels to monitor progress.
The platform’s real-time dashboards enable managers to gain complete visibility into the performance of agents and bots to help them with insightful decision making. The platform also offers an open architecture, allowing clients to integrate their support stack with the Conversocial Connect API. This in turn helps agents to resolve cases across multiple messaging channels using the platform, saving time and effort while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

The Perfect Partner

Bornstein-HaCohen illustrates the effectiveness of Conversocial’s platform with a success story of a lowcost airline in Mexico. The client was looking for a way to deliver great customer experience to its passengers while keeping operational costs down. By partnering with Conversocial, the airline witnessed a significant shift in customer preferences from traditional channels to messaging. In fact, messaging channels outperformed other mediums in the contact center with significantly lower costs and higher net promoter score (NPS). Additionally, the airline increased its agent productivity by reducing 29 percent of handling time at 83 percent reduced costs. “The asynchronous nature of Messenger allows agents to get up to speed quickly and handle numerous conversations at once to help optimize their time,” says Bornstein-HaCohen.

Moreover, Conversocial has enabled the airline to handle 14.5 percent of conversations through a bot without intervention needed by a human agent. This in turn has helped agents remain focused on the more complicated conversations, where their involvement has the most positive impact on the customer experience. With Conversocial, the airline’s NPS is 18 points more than the industry standard. Interestingly, the Mexican airline implemented WhatsApp Business to reach new audiences who were previously reluctant to reach out digitally. As customers started moving from voice to WhatsApp, the airline saw a six-figure saving in its annual CX costs.

Empowering Brands For Future Success

Customer success stories like the one above are a testament to the value Conversocial's platform can provide. Conversocial prides themselves on delivering the know-how and best-inclass technology, to empower their brand partners to seamlessly integrate bots and humans into a single platform. Under the leadership of Bornstein-HaCohen, Conversocial enables brands to provide an effortless experience to their customers through conversational CX. Drawing on more than 15 years of experience in executive leadership positions at leading CRM and customer engagement software providers, Bornstein-HaCohen helms Conversocial to lead the next stage of customer experience management with messaging channels center stage, empowering brands to improve customer retention and efficiency.

Given the current pandemic, all brands and organizations are striving to retain their customers by providing the best service they can. Conversocial is positioned as the perfect partner to help brands navigate through this change and interact with customers on a channel of their preference. “We not only support clients to reach out to their customers but also help them redefine their processes and the existing use cases for enhanced efficiency and better outcomes,” says Bornstein-HaCohen.

Looking into the future, Bornstein- HaCohen believes that in the mid to long term, customer engagement is going to become much more proactive, suggestive, and preventive- saving people time, improving their satisfaction, and making brands more efficient. Bringing together chatbots and agents is the first step in realizing this future.


New York, NY

Ido Bornstein-HaCohen, CEO

Conversocial is a conversational customer experience platform, helping brands increase customer satisfaction breaking the CX cost equation. The company provides the technology to empower brands to interact with consumers on messaging apps like WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat and Facebook Messenger and Google Business Messages, significantly reducing costs and enhancing productivity by combining the power of agents and bots in a single platform. Conversocial’s platform enables its brand partners to seamlessly engage customers across their lifecycle — from acquisition to customer care — over messaging channels. Delivering superior experiences, it helps foster more customer loyalty and higher customer value

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