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Osman Rashid, CEO
In today’s business world, attracting, retaining and engaging employees is a top corporate objective across any industry. In doing so, companies can reap the benefits of employees who are more motivated, loyal and champion the company’s brand to existing customers, potential customers and prospective employees.

Yet, companies’ internal applications and communication tools do not foster a corporate culture of belonging or of ‘being one’—where all employees are kept in the loop and can share their ideas, concerns, customer feedback, and more. Add to this dilemma—the rise of non-desk employees. Seventy-five percent of employees are estimated to be non-desk workers; these are employees who don’t have or use email because they work in the field, on the floor, or in a dispersed, geographic region— untethered from a traditional office desk and computer. Non-desk workers sometimes feel alienated from corporate and desk employees because the lines of communication are marginal at best.

The millennial workforce expects employers to outfit them with mobile-based tools and social-style interactions that enable them to communicate and engage in cross-team collaboration and conversations. To squarely address the requirements of this workforce, companies need to provide a secure, simple yet effective way for workers company-wide to communicate and collaborate in real-time.

Enter Convo: unlike existing email-focused or chat-centric collaboration platforms, Convo uniquely combines the ease of social networks with rich collaboration capabilities to simplify and optimize work interactions for all employees—no email required. Convo provides an enterprise social collaboration platform that enables easy, secure conversations between desk and non-desk workers to accelerate company productivity and engagement.

“It’s pivotal that companies open up efficient feedback loops so that all employees, non-desk and desk workers, can feel like they are part of one, united organization. This fosters employee engagement, retention, ultimately increasing productivity and profitability for companies,” noted Osman Rashid, CEO of Convo.

Convo helps companies unite their workforce so that they feel like they are one

Convo was designed to bring consumer tools to the enterprise with a secure, social network for work. This enables desk/non-desk workers to stay continuously informed, receiving the latest discussions on top of their home feed. Employees get their email, documents and everything happening within the organization in one place. CTOs and IT can feel comfortable with Convo’s platform as it leverages cloud security, with in-transit and at-rest data encryption to ensure enterprise security.

Traditional email hampers quick discussions, updates, and rapid information-sharing. Chat-based systems are too siloed by channel and too discrete, disrupting important group conversations and related updates within the same ribbon of conversations.

Convo’s rich collaboration capabilities help dispersed teams accelerate productivity. Users can upload files, highlight, comment and chat to have fast, focused discussions, updates, and decision-making. The platform also auto-organizes conversations based on activity, providing an efficient discussion thread. Workers can annotate documents— marking up specific parts of a file, design, image or note, providing their team with clear, visual feedback—with no guessing or faulty assumptions. Employees using Convo can organize work by creating groups or can start a private or group chat for quick discussions. Productivity was designed from the ground up, so workers can make fast, easy searches inside files, team notes, past discussions or chats to find what they need to accomplish their tasks, sell more product, or answer customers’ questions rapidly and accurately.

Convo works everywhere, making it a unifying force for everyone: the platform works across the web, desktop, and mobile, making it well-suited for small groups, distributed teams as well as the enterprise.

Today, it’s vital to keep employees fully engaged. After all, they are the lifeblood of a company, and their ability to drive brand loyalty and provide the best customer experience is critical to the bottom line.


Los Altos, CA

Osman Rashid, CEO

Convo is a platform for work conversations that helps large teams come together. Headquartered in the Bay Area, Convo has a team of passionate people behind it. The company believes that if it is not in-context, it causes clutter, stress and demotivation. The Convo founding team did an incredible job building a product that has individual customers with thousands of users. With an accessible newsfeed format, users can chat, upload files, highlight and comment to have fast, focused and secure discussions. Unlike existing email-focused or chat-centric collaboration platforms, only Convo combines the ease of social networks with rich collaboration capabilities to simplify and optimize work interactions for all employees