Convox: Seamlessly Automating Application Deployment and Management

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Brian Galura, CEO
Software development teams have traversed a long journey from operating in siloes to having a combined DevOps model, the foundation for organizations to rapidly deploy applications and services to meet rising consumer demands. It has also become crucial for DevOps teams to promptly deliver updates that respond to user requests. While companies in the DevOps space implement many deployment strategies, the most significant choice is leveraging platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

A leading software development solution provider that enables improved efficiency for DevOps and engineering teams around the globe is Convox. The company is driven by its mission to simplify and automate clients’ Kubernetes-based application deployment and management across different cloud infrastructures with zero downtime. Convox specializes in effectively automating lengthy build and deployment processes and saves time and resources better used on software development. Convox delivers the utmost value to clients by allowing them to hire zero or few DevOps engineers and benefit from a complete modern CI/CD workflow.

“With our self-hosted PaaS that runs inside clients’ AWS accounts, we can keep builds and deployments running smoothly, and ensure continuous delivery. Our company offers free and premium choices to get teams started on their DevOps automation journey,” states Brian Galura, CEO, Convox.

Convox, with its PaaS solution, offers cost-saving and securityenhancing features. This lets DevOps or engineering managers conduct due diligence in addressing immediate concerns around cost and flexibility, along with impending issues like ease of migration, conversion learning requirements, and security enhancements to deliver an overall positive ROI in the long term. Whether it is seed-funded, pre-series A companies with smaller teams or large organizations, Convox assists them in writing, testing, building, and deploying code while providing AWS expertise and world-class microservices.

Clients can get started with Convox from an empty AWS account and transform it into a full-fledged CI/CD GitOps workflow in about 20 to 30 minutes. Convox has a fully scalable Kubernetes Cluster with zero downtime deployments. This also comes with the review apps feature and a built-in GitOps workflow.It allows the client to develop on multiple branches simultaneously, evaluate, and have environments installed to review the different iterations of their software before deploying them.

Contrary to other PaaS solutions, Convox provides multicloud support for AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and Microsoft Azure.
This helps unburden clients’ DevOps and engineering teams in maintaining Infrastructure as a Code within their organizations. It also allows them to move their apps between different clouds. This further helps them orchestrate the Kubernetes clusters, container repositories, object storage, artifact management, and the entire application lifecycle.

With our self-hosted PaaS that runs inside clients’ AWS accounts, we can keep builds and deployments running smoothly, and ensure continuous delivery. Our company offers free and premium choices to get teams started on their DevOps automation journey

As a global leader in providing efficient automation tools for DevOps, Convox has become the partner of choice for many organizations. One instance was when Convox collaborated with Eden Workplace, a growing software development organization that develops workplace management tools with diverse functionalities. Before migrating to Convox, Eden relied on Heroku to run its app and other services for about four years. However, the deployment model led to a lack of support for flexibility. They sought a deployment solution that closely matched Heroku’s ease of management and offered more flexibility without compromising security. By aptly fulfilling these demands, Convox PaaS proved an excellent fit for the team’s requirements.

Using Convox, they could efficiently run their application and documentation on Convox with self-service and minimal handholding. It helped Eden unlock additional security innovations from AWS in a way that would have been difficult with Heroku. This eased the adoption of robust security measures and allowed easy compliance with security standards like SOC2.

Having scripted many similar success stories, Convox is on the path of improving its PaaS offering with the addition of adjacent feature sets. This will include extensive features, from monitoring and metrics to log management and governance. Convox will add another layer to its offering that will help provision and manage customers’ AWS accounts to comply with all the compliance regimes they may be subject to. Convox is also expanding its partner network to include more DevOps consulting practices.



Brian Galura, CEO

Convox provides an unparalleled development and deployment platform for apps. The company runs in clients’ AWS account as a single tenant with private networking and provides all these functionalities at a fraction of the price of a multi-tenant, black box PaaS