Cool Life CRM: Adaptable and Responsive CRM Solutions

David Cummings, CEO
The CRM landscape is turning increasingly challenging for local, hosted, and independently operated CRM providers. The inability to meet the client’s technology needs, lack of flexibility, and the presence of large CRM providers has shaped the extremely competitive climate of this sector. An adaptable CRM solution that can handle the entire process lifecycle of a client-customer prospect in addition to offering real-time customer details is hard to find. Driven by this demand for a solution that is easy to adapt and has accuracy in data, it was the goal the founders of Cool Life CRM had when starting the company. “Enterprise firms, operating today, need a CRM solution that is both accurate and easy to implement,” says David Cummings, CEO of Cool Life CRM.

The firm’s flagship offering, the Cool Life CRM, has been designed from the ground up to promote easy adaptability. “With the Cool Life CRM platform, users can report accurately against data, and the client sales team will benefit from the one-click methodology for keeping the pipeline current,” says Cummings. The platform also provides visibility by maintaining the contact with prospects and customers on a centralized intuitive CRM platform ensuring a thorough understanding of customer relationships. The reporting tools provided by the CRM solution will aid in report creation using the data the Cool Life CRM collects.

Unlike its competitors, whose CRM solutions enlist third-party applications to add mobility features, Cool Life CRM is designed to be responsive and web-based. This enables the users operating on different devices to access the data. The feature of real-time data access, in addition to being device and OS-agnostic, has endowed the Cool Life platform unprecedented mobility and its users the unhindered access irrespective of device. “Our strategy to design the solution as a responsive website rather than an interface gives users the ability to access the CRM on any device,” says Cummings.

Cool Life has also incorporated the option to present the data in a consolidated view to have a multitenant application and the ability to execute a unique database per client and a feature to allow clients to manipulate and manage the database effortlessly.

We deliver a functional interface that gives users the ability to access our solution from any device and this is accomplished with all features designed as responsive keeping today business people mobile while remaining connected

The inclusion of a mail client within the solution has also promoted the productivity levels of the end-users. “There are many different types of user adoption enhancements that we supply which have augmented the CRM market and have helped our clients to thwart business challenges,” beams Cummings.

In one instance, a major finance capital company wanted to consolidate their data stored in different formats such as MS excel and MS access to promote transparency. After partnering with Cool Life CRM, a series of scripts were implemented to consolidate and organize the data in a uniform format. Frequent data audits were also conducted throughout the operation to prevent data loss. Upon completion, the project helped various departments operating within the firm to access data from the same source, thereby promoting transparency and giving the client the ability to manage each customer engagement on a single CRM environment.

Cool Life CRM aims to forge ahead and continue its mission to bring consistent development in their client’s CRM abilities through innovative approaches. The firm also plans to expand globally to increase its customer base and enhance their current services through strategic and planned development initiatives.

Cool Life CRM

Montgomery, NY

David Cummings, CEO

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