CoolaData: Behavioral Analytics is Essential to Data Driven eBusinesses

Tomer Ben Moshe, CEO & Co-Founder
As a big data expert, CoolaData’s CEO, Tomer Ben Moshe realized that user behavior was an integral part of data-driven internet companies which faced the challenge of integrating several systems from different vendors in order to get meaningful results. For instance, one might need to incorporate Hadoop with ETL and visualization tools in order to customize a big data architecture.

Ben Moshe decided to take action and founded CoolaData together with fellow big data veteran, Guy Greenberg. CoolaData unifies information from events, logs and external feeds, and then analyzes it at lightning speed in order to visualize, predict and act on users’ data.

CoolaData provides this solution for data-driven internet companies through a scalable, powerful and dynamic platform that offers a full analytical stack at a 75 percent cost reduction vs. developing similar capabilities in-house. “Our unique, open interface allows customers to scale and develop as their business grows without having to worry about the infrastructure,” says Ben Moshe, CoolaData’s CEO.

Essential to any data-driven business is the consolidation of data from various sources which is often missing by regular analytical tools. This leads to filling in data gaps with assumptions, instead of facts. CoolaData’s unique algorithm understands the connections between various data sources and enables its users to easily unify them. It slices, segments and tracks user behavior using an algorithmic-based engine. CoolaData’s huge datasets are collected from a variety of sources via Google Cloud Platform. It presents the relationships on a CoolaData “Analytical Document” that can be saved on Google Drive, embedded on other sites and shared for collaboration.

Moreover, CoolaData developed a powerful behavioral extension for the SQL programming language: CoolaSQL (CQL) enables CoolaData’s customers to query complex behavioral business questions within minutes. CQL performs advanced Big Data queries to analyze event sequences. It allows analysts to query data using their own business terms.
“Expanding SQL into behavioral-analysis joins external data with user data, providing a granular view of customer behavior and helping to plan ad campaigns,” explains Ben Moshe.

CoolaData unifies information from events, logs and external social feeds and then analyzes it at lightning speeds to visualize, predict and act on user data

Largely adopted by gaming, content and eCommerce companies, CoolaData’s solution helps accurately analyze channel performance and improve margins by comparing the performance and cost of marketing media, keywords and campaigns. For instance, mySupermarket, a leading online supermarket, turned to Cooladata’s platform when its own in-house analytics solution failed to collect massive amounts of data and segment it. The company understood that tracking of user behavior would help it provide a more customized shopping experience. CoolaData collected its data from different sources and combined them into one user journey, enabling mySupermarket to drill deeper with different segments and analyze behavior all the way to the user level. This helped mySupermaket target specific audiences with tailored offerings, which resulted in increased conversion.

Accrediting the ease of his offerings, Ben Moshe believes his platform is a perfect choice for organizations to override the hassles associated with analytics, especially when considering the investment in cloud infrastructure, software and human resources. Looking ahead, Ben Moshe plans on combining real-time streaming data with analytical data that already exists in structured databases to help companies understand real-time processing analytics in the context of specific customer attributes.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Tomer Ben Moshe, CEO & Co-Founder and Guy Greenberg, President & Co-Founder

Provides event-based behavioral analytics to data-driven online businesses.