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Paul Baccaro, VP of Operations & Product Development
The transition to digital platforms has disrupted industries and forced enterprises to evolve and adapt. In an economy overwhelmed with demands for new services and digital functionalities, success and survival of organizations rely on digital transformation. Founded in 1999 as a publishing firm that produced custom pricing guides for service companies, Coolfront Technologies has evolved into a technology business today. “We recognized a shift in the marketplace that demanded technology to manage service calls, leading to the development of our flat rate pricing solution,” remarks Paul Baccaro, VP of operations and product development, Coolfront.

Coolfront’s fully integrated managed database contains the pricing of over 30,000 parts and repairs from major brands, and is updated regularly by a dedicated team. “We collaborate with distributors, wholesalers, and contractors across the country for inputs regarding, equipment prices, labor costs, and other data associated with repair,” explains Baccaro. The information from the database is combined with user inputs for setting hourly rates, taxes, and part markups to deliver custom pricing. Coolfront Mobile, the company’s cloud-based mobile flat rate pricing application, allows users to search the Coolfront database for the right repairs, select parts, and generate work orders in an efficient and profitable manner. Further, the built-in pricing engine facilitates the ability to manipulate pricing in real time, according to user requirements. The application also integrates with several add-ons including QuickBooks for accounting, eTouch for customer satisfaction survey, Google Calendar, ProPay, PartCart, and DropBox for extended functionality.

“We offer a revolutionary zero-cost policy, where every time you create an invoice using our system, we charge a small fee that you can recover on a service call,” states Baccaro. Coolfront’s usage-based pricing model is designed to better serve the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing industry since it experiences seasonal activity with demands spanning a few months in a year. Unlike subscription-based solutions that charge the same amount every month, Coolfront Mobile charges per usage, adjusting to the seasonality of the service business.

We offer a revolutionary zero-cost policy, where every time you create an invoice using our system, we charge a small fee that you can recover on a service call

There are no setup fees, device fees, or cancellation fees. The application is compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers, and is capable of functioning offline. Further, the company offers 50 free work orders for new users on a trial basis. Apart from digital flat rate pricing, Coolfront continues to provide printed pricing guides called Coolfront Books for clients. Coolfront also offers Coolfront Agreements, a program that helps manage maintenance agreements; it tracks tune-ups and sends reminders to both contractors and homeowners.

Baccaro recalls a client success story of a contractor based in the Chicago area that he had overseen. The client had been struggling to turnover profit due to a lack of standardized pricing that caused service technicians to charge inconsistent prices. After adopting Coolfront Mobile, the client was able to configure the system according to their pricing needs and in just a few months, business was booming.

Coolfront is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to make sense of the all the data that the company has been collecting since the launch of its mobile application. AI will not only provide insights into the internal processes of the company, but also help clients discover inefficiencies in their business processes. Moreover, the company is in the process of introducing a search engine that can integrate with other service software and still access Coolfront’s pricing database. With constant innovation and product improvements, Coolfront continues to help clients increase ROI and improve workflow.

Coolfront Technologies

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Paul Baccaro, VP of Operations & Product Development

Provides flat rate pricing and agreement management solutions for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors

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