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Paul Alapat, Senior MD, Quantitative Services
Today’s rapidly evolving capital markets ensure an efficient and effective allocation of resources and free flow of foreign capital. That trend, however, has been accompanied by an unending wave of regulatory changes, which cumulatively have added to the cost of business, according to Dr Paul Alapat, Senior MD, Quantitative Services, Copal Amba. “At the same time, an explosion of technology innovations is reshaping business operations at investment banks, brokerages and institutional money managers. The growing challenge is to balance the rising cost of business with staying competitive.”

Solutions for Integrated Approach

Companies demand an integrated risk management and proactive approach to regulatory compliance along with the adoption of technologies appropriate for the capital markets. Copal Amba, a pioneer in offshore research and analytics services since 2002, offers a range of financial and operational solutions to address this requirement. Given its experience in capital markets research and investment banking analytics, the company understands the domain in depth and marries that with technology relevant to capital markets’ needs.

By working with Copal Amba as a co-sourcing partner, clients’ own in-house teams are able to add value by generating sustained earnings growth, expanding their research coverage and tapping appropriate and customized process automation and technology tools. Copal Amba is an integrated capital markets and technology specialist at the forefront of offering technology-enabled services in specialist areas of finance, all under one roof.

Managing High Frequency Data

Riding off the social media revolution, the global reach of the web, exponentially growing computing power and availability of online data, Copal Amba collects and manipulates large volumes of high-frequency data and mines information from both unstructured and structured data and text, thus overhauling the depth and rigor of information processing and research at competitive prices.

Copal Amba provides comparative company analysis, financial and operational benchmarking, capital markets and capital structure analysis.
“We are currently working on a unique centralized database that will be database-neutral, so irrespective of whether the data is stored in SQL or Oracle, it can seamlessly interface into the centralized database,” explains Alapat, adding, “This can help populate interactive factsheets which can be delivered over the web with an outstanding user experience.”

These unique solutions, along with a client-centric approach, help Copal Amba standout from the rest. Consider the case of a risk advisory firm that faced problems in registering all its data and generating client reports, which took over 90 days to complete after each quarter ended. Copal Amba’s analytics tools made the datasheet available within 7 days on an easy-to-use interface.

Our aim is to provide sophisticated, technology-enabled solutions in a simple, user-friendly fashion to meet the evolving demand for high-quality outsourced financial research, regulatory risk management and analytics

Copal Amba is exploring the latest developments in digital media, cloud computing, social media and data visualization to seek innovation that will benefit its clients. “Our in-depth understanding of many industry verticals and our expertise in research and consulting let us integrate our teams and their respective methodologies into client operations to deliver seamless, high impact services,” Alapat states.

Leveraging Moody’s Analytics

Recently, Copal Amba was acquired by Moody’s Analytics, a provider of financial analysis software and services. “With Moody’s as the parent and as a group company of a global multi-national, we look to leverage all its resources and institutional knowledge to service new clients and verticals. We aim to marry technology with the capital markets domain in a relevant manner that adds value to our clients,” concludes Alapat.

Copal Amba

New York, NY

Paul Alapat, Senior MD, Quantitative Services

Provides offshore research and analytics services to the global financial and corporate sectors

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