Copper: A Synchronized and Automated CRM solution

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Dennis Fois, CEO
For a sales representative or entrepreneur, time management is vital for the growth of the business they represent. There are some tasks which are not valuable and are manually handled, for example, data entry of every customer or client. For sales representatives, misaligned sales strategies and disorganized lead management are additive time consumers. An efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool can lead to saving up a lot of time, which can instead be utilized on building relationships and talking with customers. Copper is a Google cloud-based CRM for G Suite that has automated data entry and report generation features for those who want to make the most out of their time. “Copper has a fresh take on an age-old enterprise tool and it is refreshing and approachable. Besides, Copper is just getting started,” quotes Dennis Fois, CEO of Copper.

Copper is a CRM that is easy to integrate with G Suite and is available as a simple Google Chrome extension. Copper’s seamless integration with G Suite and synchronization of all contacts, email IDs, and details eliminates the need for switching between applications. Copper integrates with Google Calendar, Hangouts, and Gmail contacts to notify about meetings, changes, and updates of leads. One of the unique features of Copper is its ability to track email conversations, based on this, suggest new leads and update old ones. With the assistance of Google Slides, Copper can quickly populate graphical materials consisting of crucial data points. But with Google Sheets and Data Studio, Copper takes analytics to the next level by providing reports, charts, and advanced dashboards that can be utilized by everyone in a team. Copper’s collaboration with Google Docs helps in building a collaborative working environment.

Copper captures every customer moment and makes it visible for every member on a sales team. This way, anyone can pick up from where their colleague left off and help in creating a smooth delivery pipeline system.

Copper has a fresh take on an age-old enterprise tool and it is refreshing and approachable. Besides, Copper is just getting started

Copper also categorizes these customers in a click, tracks their progress, and nurtures them into lucrative business opportunities. Simultaneously, Copper automatically generates insights and sales forecast reports in real-time to act upon immediately. Copper integrates seamlessly with the most revered applications in the industry such as Zendesk, Hubspot, Quickbooks, Xero, and Mailchimp. Copper even offers the ability to custom build applications on open source platforms such as Open API and Zapier. Since all the data is automatically populated, implementing Copper is a task that doesn’t require much time and effort. Copper looks and feels like G Suite, so there is no training needed to get started with using the platform. Its unique ability to understand every relationship in a team saves budget, which typically gets utilized in customizing traditional CRMS demands.

When it comes to security, Copper provides the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act for European citizens. Copper’s very own internal activity is regulated by The Service Organizational Control (SOC), and Trust Arc ultimately certifies it for privacy measures. During the exchange of data between cross Atlantic clients, Privacy Shield Framework ensures that companies on both sides comply with data protection requirements. Copper is an all in one solution for organizing and capturing all the customer data, information, and more without the burden of data entry. Using the data gathered from its users across 101 countries, Copper envisions automating more of the CRM workflow, and powering its machine learning algorithms.


San Francisco, CA

Dennis Fois, CEO

Built for Google G Suite, Copper is a company that offer customer relationship management solutions for companies that use Google applications. The CRM platform integrates into the system to organize contact details, emails, and files. The automatic data capture capability of the software ensures that the client has zero data entry, meaning the data is already uploaded through the platform from the inbox. Copper’s products allow a financial institution to streamline the sales pipeline and automate workflows by generating real-time analytics and business insights. Catering to the needs of small business, mid-market and enterprises the firm serves multiple industries like financial, consulting, technology, real estate etc