CopperHill Consulting: Redefining Customer Engagement with Salesforce

John McCloskey, Co-Founder and CEO
Having worked for more than 25 years as a consultant and in various other leadership positions across a variety of industries, John McCloskey, co-founder and CEO, CopperHill Consulting, knows what it takes to deliver exceptional customer experience. Evidently, CopperHill Consulting is a reflection of the founders’ vision to assist clients in creating better, smarter, and more efficient solutions that specifically focus on overcoming the challenges of their business. Supporting the sales team, customer service and marketing in doing what they do best, CopperHill Consulting—a consulting partner of Salesforce— increases employee knowledge and effectiveness in using, leveraging the power of the platform to drive the sales process and deliver an omnichannel service experience and customer satisfaction. “We work with our clients to determine how to employ the various capabilities of Salesforce optimally and when to build custom capabilities within the platform,” says McCloskey. With its team of certified Salesforce consultants and technical experts who constantly expand their knowledge on the platform and train on its new capabilities, CopperHill works with clients to help them find the best way to address business challenges.

The far-ranging service-offering index of CopperHill goes beyond merely implementing the Salesforce platform to providing a well-rounded solution, comprising the sales, marketing, and service. It also includes website design and mobile applications accessible by the end-consumer, as well as internal applications for automation and efficiency. The suite of offerings is tied together with integration and business intelligence modules. The ability to focus on customer-facing solutions and technology used by customer-facing employees also goes a long way in making CopperHill stand out.

As trends in SalesForce lead to a more intelligent and integrated environment, CopperHill helps clients in implementing solutions across Salesforce’s Sales, Service, and Marketing clouds.. CopperHill works with their clients to identify and gather data from across their business and develop meaningful metrics that can be embedded in the solution.
The result is a solution that provides the needed information to make better decisions and drive automation that improves efficiency. “Our solutions encompass the full life cycle of the customer experience from customer facing websites and mobile applications to customer, sales and product/order management. We then tie it all together by integrating the solution with the clients’ ERP systems,” explains McCloskey.

CopperHill concentrates on healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, and general business, which helps in conversing with potential clients using specific terminology. “Our understanding of client problems shows them the value that we can provide—this becomes a key differentiator,” McCloskey emphasizes.

McCloskey demonstrates the effectiveness of CopperHill by citing the example of one of their clients, a medical equipment manufacturing company providing packaging equipment for drugs. The client sold, installed, and trained the buyer in using the equipment, besides providing supplies on billing and medical packaging equipment. Even as the client had grown in the recent past, it used an antiquated CRM application that could not keep up with its growing requirements. In addition to core sales tracking and customer tracking information provided by the previous application, CopperHill’s application offered a customer portal for partner interactions. The implementation of the Salesforce Sales Cloud allowed the client to differentiate between users within the organization. A post-sale component within Sales Cloud aided in following the product from sale to installation. As the client wanted its customer interactions to be supervised, CopperHill built a knowledge base for customers to submit their issues and requests, and a customer community built through SalesForce that allowed the information to flow in and out of it. Additionally, the manual processes for the client’s service team were reduced by providing the required information in a repository.

In days to come, CopperHill will be focusing on customer and business drivers based on the capabilities of the Salesforce platform and other integrated solutions. The company also aims to augment the utilization of BI and leverage artificial intelligence to improve its efficiency, while aligning to changing trends.

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John McCloskey, Co-Founder and CEO

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